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Thursday, May 20, 2010
Show in review

ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose says William "World Wide Wes" Wesley is like an "uncle" to many young players in the NBA and he puts powerful people together. Plus, ESPN NFL analyst Cris Carter calls in to share a story about Wesley and Rose texts with Wesley. Jalen Rose/Cris Carter

Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski explains how LeBron James and John Calipari became linked through William Wesley. Wojnarowski says the Calipari rumors will continue as long as there are coaching vacancies in the NBA. Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN MLB insider Tim Kurkjian explains his reaction to the Hanley Ramirez situation and says it was nice to see a young player listen to the advice of a Hall of Famer. Tim Kurkjian

ESPN MLB insider Buster Olney explains how good Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is and why he's still in the minors. Plus, Olney describes how a Hall of Famer helped make Hanley Ramirez apologize. Buster Olney

MLB on FOX analyst Tim McCarver talks about how clubhouses in baseball have changed over the years. McCarver isn't sure how much veteran players are speaking up to young guys anymore. Tim McCarver

ESPN MLB analyst Buck Showalter explains how he had to handle a clubhouse as a manger who had never played in the big leagues. You have to find a way to give players something they can't get anywhere else. Buck Showalter