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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Updated: June 10, 7:45 PM ET
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Bryan Fox is a man of action and so he brings you the all-action Todcast.

It's June. That's summer and sad, but at least there's still a lot of snowboarding to watch on the Web. And hey, with longer days you've got that much more time to waste. Here's how for now.

It was just a matter of time. The triple cork ain't a joke anymore. Some dude tripled up on a 1440 during the Oxborn session. Didn't get it, but he was close. There goes. Unfortunately Eero Ettala's ACL just went too. From the looks of this season recap video he had a heck of winter. That dude is superhuman and sure to be back at it in no time. You can track his progress, get tweeted at and check some vintage footage at

Another one with stuff to watch is Developed by Kevin Jones and Ed Segovia, it's billed as "the space where you can be free to express yourself with any type of topic from wheat grass to Motorhead." Go for the thought-provoking video interviews with influential snowboarders. Speaking of...Bryan Fox and Louie Fountain hijacked the Todcast for a day, but they let the riding do the talking. And lastly there's Trevor Andrew' Trouble' new music video. We'll leave it at that.