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Friday, June 18, 2010
Updated: June 21, 1:03 PM ET
Snowboarding's rad dads

Rad dad DCP shows 4-year-old Leighli the ropes.

Can one stay rad after becoming a dad? As snowboarding matures, the answer seems to be a resounding YES. Wille Yli-Luoma, Brian Savard, Todd Richards, Louie Fountain, Terje, both Jeremy Jones and Gigi Ruf are just a few fathers who spring to mind when we talk of dads who drop in professionally. So, for Father's Day, ESPN Snowboarding hit up some of our favorite dads for insight into what it takes to take on fatherhood and 540s at the same time.

Temple Cummins, captured in his natural environments.

Backcountry powerhouse and YES Snowboards founder David Carrier-Porcheron has been fine-tuning his snow-surfing in B.C. (and on the Costa Rican coast) for over a decade, with a lengthy video and magazine covershot resume to show. When not pillaging powder, DCP and his wife Megan Pischke are busy entertaining their 4-year-old daughter Leighli Storm Porcheron. His family is the best part of coming home at the end of the day, says DCP. "Having the support once you get home from a day in the backcountry -- your baby girl is there, ready for bath time and story time. It's the best balance: jump off a cliff; sing a lullaby."

Temple Cummins is what you'd call a snowboarder's snowboarder. This four-time winner of the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom is fast, smooth and handles steep, technical terrain with a finesse that can only come from years of pushing it on a board. And he'll be the last guy to tell you about it. The 35 year-old is supported by Gnu (his pro model's appropriately called the Billygoat), One Ball Jay, and family affair Northwest Snowboards and, back home, he supports son Temple Cannon, five-and-a-half, and 11 month old freshy daughter Ayla Ryme. "Kids are the best social escape excuse ever," he notes as a highlight of being a Rad Dad. Worst? "Once they start school, you're locked in." Temp's married to none other than Barrett Christy and you can watch him drop wisdom both on-snow and off in Airblaster's new film "Respect Your Elders."

Jussi Oksanen, with sons Gabriel and Theo, and in the backcountry.

Jussi Oksanen made his name with standout parts in Standard, Robot Food, Mack Dawg and now Burton films. If you ask the Finnish freestyle ripper what his most significant tricks are, those would be his two boys -- Gabriel, four, and Theo, two -- that he has with wife Zoe Oksanen. Neither of the boys have taken to the shred quite like dad, says Oksanen, but, "Theo is really into skateboards already, and I have little snowboard here with a string in the nose so I drag him around the floor and he loves it." Distance from the fam while on the road is the roughest part of balancing pro riding with being a dad, says Oksanen, but, he adds, "even though winters can be hard, we all know that we can have six months together as a family which is very special and makes it all worth it."