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Thursday, July 1, 2010
Updated: October 4, 2:56 PM ET
Trip out on the "9191" teaser

After a long editing sesh and an even longer holding period, Volcom has finally released the teaser for "9191," the movie all about Gigi Rüf.

"Really I am still tripping about this since Volcom made all my snowboarding dreams come true in only one year," says Rüf. "I was dreaming this up since I started snowboarding in 1991."

"The "9191" movie is about the freestyle progression on natural features," says "9191" filmer/director Jake Price. "The general vibe of the movie should be a surprise to everyone!"

Gigi Rüf framing up that next shot.

Surprises there will be, but just one look at the teaser and it's plain to see Volcom's trippy perspective at work, updated by Price to include the latest low-tech, hi-fi video introspections. As for the look of what will be coming in the full-length film, "My inspirations for the Direction of the film were mainly bad snowboard videos," explains Price. "I am just inspired to not make one of those -- I just want the viewer to watch the movie before they go snowboarding and emulate what they just saw."

What viewers might not catch the first time around is that the soundtrack is by Baron -- the LA-based producer who produced the Flip Skateboards "Extremely Sorry" soundtrack, and a collaborator with Lemmy from Motorhead and Dave Lombardo of Slayer, to name a few names.

"Baron completely killed it on the soundtrack," says Price. We can only wait to hear it ourselves and hope there will be a drum solo by Lombardo to go along with Rüf dropping a pillow line.

Speaking of collaborations, expect to see Rüf sharing his freeride solos with an impressive cast of co-shredders, including Wille Yi-Luoma, Jake Blauvelt and says Rüf, "a couple of Volcom legends."

Keep your eyes on the Internet for a fully-formed "9191" site coming in a few weeks, or catch the show "live" when the film tour dates kick-off September first.