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Thursday, July 15, 2010
Updated: July 16, 3:04 PM ET
Fans can't quit talking about LeBron

By Ryan Corazza
Special to

Back in May, I highlighted a number of fans' websites courting LeBron James to their cities.

Greg Haylett, Garrett Welch
Some Cavaliers fans have taken their grief from the anger stage to the capitalism stage.

But now one has changed its tune after "The Decision.", a site run by Cleveland Cavaliers fan Brandon George that featured him doing off-the-wall challenges to keep LeBron in Cleveland, now redirects to

George has also changed the focus of the site.

Instead of completing 23 challenges in an effort to keep James, he's doing the eight remaining items on his list to show LeBron he chose wrong, including donating all his LeBron memorabilia to charity.

"I was 100 percent convinced LeBron was going to re-sign with the Cavs, so I'd left some challenges to thank him after he made his decision," George wrote in an e-mail Wednesday. "But I never expected him and his ego to make a mockery out of Cleveland in a one-hour national TV special. So now it's time to show LeBron he screwed up.

"It's not where he chose to go that bothers me. It's how he chose to do it."

There's also some anti-LeBron consumerism now springing up online. has quickly hit the Web, hawking T-shirts. "Wade's Pippen," "LeFraud" and "3 Mi-egos" are among the slogans plastered on the company's tees.

More World Cup records

About two weeks after the World Cup began, I noted the Web-usage and tweet-per-second records that were being set.

Shortly after publication time on that piece, one final usage record blew the doors off everything.

On June 24, as Slovakia was knocking Italy out of the World Cup and the longest tennis match in history was going on between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, a record 20.7 million visitors per minute were flooding news sites, according to Akamai.

This ranks No. 1 all time, according to Akamai, and eclipsed the previous Web-usage record set during the World Cup.

Obviously, the tennis match helped, but the World Cup again played a part in record traffic levels.

As the Cup slogged along, though, interest and chatter dwindled online. The final between Spain and Netherlands on Sunday did produce 3,051 tweets per second as Spain scored the winning goal, but that didn't eclipse the 3,283 TPS recorded at the end of Japan's 3-1 victory over Denmark on June 24.

No Web usage records were broken, either.

So what gives?

Well, it's similar to the trend I wrote about during college basketball's March Madness. At the start of both tournaments, excitement is high and that's reflected on the Web. But it's hard to sustain that high amount of enthusiasm and chatter over the course of a few weeks. Fans often lose interest if their team is bounced. Many units of culture on the Web spike to a high degree, only to lose relevance shortly after.

Stateside, it didn't help that the United States was knocked out in the round of 16.

But any way you slice it, the fact remains: The World Cup delivered on bringing some serious numbers to the Web.

Ochocinco on iPad

Chad Ochocinco already has an iPhone app.

Now he's on to the iPad.

Rock Software released Ochocinco's application for Apple's newest toy Monday, according to the iTunes store, and it sports different features than its mobile-phone counterpart.

Ever the promoter, Ochocinco's iPad app has a feature highlighting his VH1 reality show, "The Ultimate Catch," which debuted Sunday.

Other features include videos the Bengals wide receiver finds funny, videos of himself, sound bites, a music player and a section to ask him questions.

Rock Software is expected to release a Mike Tyson application sometime in the future.

Ryan Corazza is a freelance writer and Web designer based in Chicago.