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Thursday, July 15, 2010
Updated: July 17, 8:58 PM ET
Burtner on 'Right Brain Left Brain'

You can't even handle the velocity of Burtner's mental verbosity.

Things came close to chaos. The Think Thank premiere of "Right Brain Left Brain" at High Cascade drew a standing room only crowd that literally poured out into the streets of Govy. Kids were jammed in every corner of the skatepark. The taller ones lined the railings. A bunch of heads even tried to watch from the roof of Charlie's, but they were quickly called down. After much monkeying with the projector, Jesse Burtner gave a quick introduction and then let it play.

The crowded hushed, but quickly erupted to Nick Visconti's opener part, and the shouting continued from there on out. I could recount all the highlights, but it wouldn't do any of it justice. Just know that it was a tight edit--classic Think Thank, fast, filled with hammers, and at times hard to keep up with. As expected, it left me wanting to watch it again instantly. I'm sure I wasn't alone. Everyone was buzzing.

"I thought the movie was awesome," said Jed Anderson. "There was just so many different types of snowboarding, it was sick."

Asked to rattle off some standouts Anderson said, "I liked Chris Brewster's stuff, Sean Genovese's stuff, Scott Stevens stuff, as always. And Nick Visconti's stuff was pretty good. And oh yeah, Jess Kimura. That girl is wild. She knows how to ride a snowboard for sure. There wasn't one part I wasn't psyched on."

Down in front!

High Cascade camper Oliver Tenant said the same.

"You know how some movies there's just certain tricks that stuck out, well everything was sick in this one. It was silly, just banger after banger after banger. I loved it. I can't wait to snowboard tomorrow."

That's how you know its working. Jesse Burtner says he was surprised by the reaction and admits, "I've made a lot of movies and this one had the most positive reaction I've ever had."

Burtner went on to explain the ideas behind the new flick, but that dude's verbose. Rather than wasting my time transcribing a thousand-word interview, I figured I'd let you hear it from the main brain himself. Here's Burtner on the madness behind "Right Brain Left Brain."