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Monday, July 19, 2010
Updated: July 22, 2:32 PM ET
In the know about "Bro'"

"Bro'" is Beau Manley's first acting gig, and according to co-producer Marc Salomon, he absolutely killed it and has a bright acting career ahead of him.

Nearly a month ago, I informed you guys about Beau Manley and Colin Morrison's latest venture, which happened to be filming for the feature film titled, "Bro'." As it turns out, the filming of "Bro'" had wrapped earlier this month, and though I knew it was more or less a film about a kid getting caught up in the mischievous world of FMX, I didn't know any other details -- except for the fact that Manley and Morrison had landed a few of the leading roles, and badass Danny Trejo acted alongside the two.

After exchanging a few emails with co-producer Marc Salomon (who also filmed, produced and directed Chuck Carothers' "Camp Chuck,") I decided that it'd be cool to interview him to find out more about this potential Hollywood blockbuster. Salomon kindly obliged, and going even further, he hooked me up with some amazing pre-post production screen grabs from the film. Chiggedy check it out!

Colin Morrison (left), Beau Manley and lead character Will Chavez cruise through the streets of LA, looking for a good time. So, first off, tell me what "Bro'" is all about, who wrote it, and who starred in it.
Salomon: "Bro'" was written and directed by Nick Parada, co-written by Kim Mackenzie, it introduces Will Chavez as the lead, and stars Beau Manley, Colin "Scummy" Morrison, Danny Trejo, Larry Fessenden, and a whole gang of other colorful misfits. And like in any great film, the female leads are way too hot and played by Alexandra Mason and Rebekah Graf.

What's the synopsis of the film?
"Bro'" is really a coming of age story that follows a young college student, who is not too slick (read popular or cool), as he is introduced to a world of women, drugs, and motorcycles. Within this world, there are good and bad people that he meets, and the movie is basically about the choices he makes on this path.

So, how much motocross does the film have in it?
Motocross is a large backdrop for the film. One of the main characters, Jesse -- played by Beau Manley -- is an up and coming rider, so we see him both practicing and competing in the movie. There is some great riding footage as we filmed our competition day in association with the AFMXA opening and had Lance Coury, Destin Cantrell, Taka Higashino, among others out there thrashing. Special praise as well for Todd Potter and Clint Esposito for doing featured riding stunts, and Derek Cook, Javier, and Gabriel Villegas for doing some solid extra work as our "FMX team." Derek may have even gotten a line in there, but we'll see in the final edit. With that said, motocross by no means dominates the screen time as the movie is more about the lifestyle of the riders, with a healthy amount of partying thrown in for good measure.

Colin 'Scummy' Morrison plays a drug-dealing party animal in "Bro'."

Of course ... that's what it's all about, right? So, what parts did both Manley and Morrison play?
Beau Manley plays Jesse, who is basically the illest FMX rider in the game, but his problems all come from his extracurricular activities, not all of which are legal. Not all his dirt is reserved for the track and even though the film was shot at Pala Raceway and Pala Casino, Jesse is not dealing blackjack if you get my drift.

Colin Morison plays Rudy, another professional rider and friend of Jesse. Rudy is all about a good ride, a good buzz, and a good time.

How was working with both Manley and Morrison? Were you involved in the casting process?
I was not involved in the casting. We worked with Leah Steiger, of Metal Mulisha and the AFMXA, to produce the film. Leah was and will continue to be absolutely instrumental in ensuring that we accurately portray all of the motocross elements. The Director, Nick, told Leah what he was looking for and they worked together on finding the right fit. Beau and Colin are both first timers in this world of feature films and I have to say, they absolutely killed it.

Beau, beyond just being a classic guy, was never phased, which is the big fear! It's one thing to rehearse material in a small room with a few folks and it's another thing entirely to be brought out on day one, be put in front of a million dollars worth of film equipment, lights, and film crew and say, "Okay, DO IT!" I think Beau's background in sports, racing, and pressure, prepared him really well. After his first take, everyone was like "Damn! That was sick!"

I heard you guys had a pretty intense schedule; how did they handle that?
The schedule was indeed tight. There was one evening where we didn't get to the scene we needed to shoot. Nick, Beau, and Colin all agreed that the movie would suffer without it and agreed to come back the next morning to shoot the scene at 6 a.m. before the next shoot. That was the attitude on set and the attitude of the actors.

Manley interacts with Danny Trejo, who plays a used car salesman.

Do you foresee "Bro'" launching both Morrison and Manley's acting careers? Do they have the chops to take it further than this film?
I actually do see "Bro'" putting them in a real position to move forward with acting. Like anything, it is up to them to see if they want to push it, but I do believe this movie is a solid step above the athlete-turned-actor contributions we are used to. Beau especially, has a natural feel for being on film and was amazing when asked to improvise.

Wow, that's crazy. So filming has wrapped right? When will people be able to see the film, and will it be in theatres?
"Bro'" is going to premiere at the AFMXA Awards later this year at Pala Casino. The goal is for the movie to be in theaters, but I'm not able to say when yet. Our goal is to demonstrate that there is a desire and a fan base for these kinds of movies, and if we can do that, it will be coming to the theaters after that happens. We're currently in post-production right now, and the final film will be finished in October.

Sounds great man. Thanks so much! I definitely look forward to seeing the final product! Where can people keep up with the progress of the film?
Everybody can keep up over to Thanks!