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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Handling it all on a hand-held

"No photos bru. No photos today."
That's what Jordy Smith said when I ran into him two days ago. I laughed because I wasn't even carrying a camera.
"Come back tomorrow and it'll be cool."

I totally understood. After all, he'd just surfaced after a very big night of celebrations and having his picture taken over a million times as he won the Billabong Pro South Africa.

He'd booked out the local Mexican restaurant and invited all his friends. By all reports, it had been one big happy party that ran late into the night. The evidence of the night was on Jordy's face.

Text, Twitter, and Tweet.

Yesterday morning, he was clean shaven and up for a photo shoot. He was joking about the 35,000 Rand (aprox US$7000) he'd dropped on the bar at the Mexican in between Tweeting, texting, or upgrading his Facebook page, or whatever his cell phone does.

He was also trying to do some sort of interview and was describing his training as going to the bowling alley and eating anything he liked.

"I won after eating Wimpy hamburgers and pizza, so I figure I'll just keep doing it," he said with a laugh, "I try to eat healthy, but I'm eating whatever I like and I'm happy, so I'm going to keep doing it."

The text messages from Slater are the worst.

No one could argue with that sort of logic, unless you're Joel Parkinson or Mick Fanning who are totally into their training regimes and strict diets.

Jordy Smith is no stranger to celebrity, but it's a bit of work to go from celebrated upstart to World No. 1. He's already seeing his free time eaten away by media requests and commitments. One can only hope he has unlimited text messaging.

Today, he's off to Cape Town to hang out with his friends for awhile. He is one of the last guys to leave J-bay. The town is in shock though. Usually the contest runs through the whole waiting period, and having it all done in four days has seen the restaurants, accommodation and food stalls empty. Everyone was stoked with a South African win, but they are now dealing with the economics of a sleepy surf town again. The next swell is due on Friday so if there are any stragglers left around I'm sure they'll be in the line up.

Smith took the world No. 1 slot when Kelly Slater lost his Round 3 heat. Smith leads Taj Burrow 28,500 to 24,750 points. Slater has the No. 3 slot and Dane Reynolds is No. 4. The full ratings are here