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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Updated: July 28, 12:19 PM ET
Side By Side

The Norwegian film company Field Productions has just released the teaser for its upcoming fall feature, "Side By Side." Like most teasers, this one leaves a lot of blanks in the action for your imagination to fill in. My imagination is telling me that "Side By Side" is going to be awesome.

Tired of filling in blanks, I caught up with Filip Christensen, the main man behind Field Productions, to fill some in for me. Unfortunately, I'll still have to wait for the premieres to fill in the blanks in the video.

According to Filip Christensen:

I called this movie "Side By Side" because the viewer you will be side by side with the athletes, the action, and all the crazy stuff that happens during an intense season..

When the movie premieres, I'm most excited for people to see Even Sigstad's groundbreaking urban rail skiing, and the aerial footage from Juvass, Folgefonna, Sogndal, Øksfjord and Stranda.

My biggest disappointment during the making of "Side By Side" was the typical problem with bad snow conditions and weather.

If you love watching all aspects of skiing in one movie, then you have to see "Side By Side."

While filming this winter, I was so scared when Torgrim Vole missed his line in Sogndal, Norway (last shot in the teaser).

You'll be beside yourself when you see the shots of Tom Wallisch stomping back-to-back switch dub 10s.

When it's time to make the next movie, I can't wait to go back to the west coast of Norway.