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Thursday, July 29, 2010
Updated: August 24, 5:36 PM ET
The Bertlemann is the new Triple Cork

"Surfing inspires my snowboarding -- to go fast and find a lip, to slash powder, to ride. They are similar, at least manually. With both sports, you have to be so in the moment, and the more you ride the more you want to ride."--DCP

DCP is a man of many continents. Based out of British Columbia, he's traveled pretty much everywhere, from Russia to Japan to Europe. Right now he's on his way to Chile in South America. In a strange twist, this snow-ripper from landlocked Quebec has picked up a serious surf habit. He lives part-time in Dominical Costa Rica, where he owns a house and is working to save local ecosystems in order to help the planet cool.

Coming up on bullet-proof east coast slopes, DCP's first intro to the pro snowboarding world was largely through half-pipes -- a venue that he gradually stepped away from, and into the backcountry. His foray into surfing had a distinct effect on his style. Seen in movies like Mack Dawg's 2005 "Culksmack," DCP's move into more slashy, fluid lines is evidence that he's drawing on a liquid resource that isn't frozen.

We caught DCP on a stop between his travels to talk about being a Quebecer-gone-beach-bum, his contributions to keeping Costa Rica green, and what snowboarders could learn from surfing.


ESPN: As a Qubecqouis, how did you first get involved in surfing?
DCP: In 1999 I met my wife Megan Pischke, and she took me to Kauai, Hi. I started surfing then, and I got worked. I went back every year for two weeks for five years, then we started going to Costa Rica for two - three weeks at a time ... The last two - three years I surfed a lot more, but I would love to be able to surf six months out of the year.

When did you get the idea to set up a house down there?
Well, then I loved the place [Dominical, Costa Rica] and ... and Derek [Heidt] said to check out a property in town. I was stoked. The house was a shack, termite nest inside, wooden walls all rotting out. It was bad, but the location was insane -- right in the middle of town, five-minute walk from the beach. We fixed it enough to stay there for a few years when someone would go down. But when Leighli was born, the shack wasn't cutting it anymore. So after years of planning and designing and knowing the way Tico do construction and what not, we built a beautiful house, Blue Shack Dominical that we can rent when we are not around.

So is that where you are currently living with your family in the summer?
Yes, we just spent two months there. I just got back. It was hard to leave. I really feel connected there, not only to the ocean and the house, but we have great friends living there full-time and Leighli has many friends. She gets to see monkeys and iguanas and all sorts of wildlife. I love Dominical area. Pura vida.

You'd be happy too if you had this life.

Can you talk about the tree planting cause you're supporting with your new Spy goggle?
My friend Jenny Smith is running this program Costa Rica Community Carbon Tree. Basically they are planting trees where it used to be pasture and reforesting the area. They are planting a very large variety of trees -- fruit trees, hard wood trees, shade trees -- and making sure that all are compatible. The project is providing a home for animals, birds, insects, honeybees, bringing down the temperature and bringing back water and creeks. With Spy, we did a YES collab goggle and part of the profit from selling the goggles goes towards sponsoring trees. Last season we were able to plant over 350 trees. I am hoping we can do more this following season. Check the website for more info, and maybe sponsor a tree or two.

Why is tree planting important, especially in Costa Rica? How does it relate to global warming?
Planting trees close to the equator, in an area where there is tropical climate and downpour tropical storms, growth is very fast. It's the only proven thing that is cooling down our planet. Jenny says that farms that were replanted now have little creeks and shade and the temperature dropped a few degrees. Plus, Costa Rica has the most diversity of trees, animals, birds and insects in the world.


What are the parallels between snowboarding and surfing for you?
Surfing inspires my snowboarding, to go fast and find a lip, to slash powder, to ride. They are a bit similar, at least manually. With both sports, you have to be so in the moment, and the more you ride the more you want to ride.

Where are you off to now?
I am out to Chile with the YES guys. We are going to surf, snowboard and adventure around. We are filming the first section of our movie project, Yes. It's a Movie. is in construction, but we will showcase our adventures through webisodes all throughout the season.