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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Fox's cutting room floor

Triple threat ...
Every now and then some awesome photo shoot outtakes end up finding their way into my inbox. First it was Ronnie Renner from a photo shoot for (officially the world's most horrific motocross website-turned online retailer/content aggregator), where Renner proceeded to sit nude on Blake 'Bilko' Williams' bike during a photo shoot. I don't know who sent me those photos, but I pray to god daily that nothing of similar nature will ever touch my eyeballs again.

The next soul-crushing, brain-melting, integrity-demolishing, forever-traumatizing photo to end up in my inbox came from another unidentified source, but this time it was Adam Jones who was the subject of bufoonery. During a photo shoot at the Fox Racing headquarters in Orange County, Calif., Jones decided that it'd be funny to take a break from modeling the latest set of riding gear, opting to throw on a much-too-small-for-him Fox one-piece women's bikini. You don't even need to click the link to get a good idea what the visual looks like from that.

Surprisingly enough, the next outtakes to hit my inbox were once again from a Fox Racing photo shoot, but this time it was Bilko who decided to pull a quick one. Although the photos are pretty hilarious, they are (thank god) a bit more tame then both Renner's and Jones' photos. I'm starting to think that Fox just has a gang of random clothing in their photo studio that they like to throw on their riders ... possibly using the photos as some type of black mailing scheme. Or their riders are just kooks who always like to shake things up. Either way, it makes for some interesting blog fodder.

Davey Crocket meets a Jersey guidette meets a pink-loving surfer chick.
Bilko promoting the use of head protection.
Bilko's beastly.