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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Woodward West opens new mega ramp

The view from the landing of Woodward West's new full-sized mega ramp.

Woodward West opened up its new Mega Ramp yesterday with a media day kick-off jam. A handful of the top Mega Ramp skateboarders and BMX riders came out to try and tame the new beast. On the BMX front, Morgan Wade, Anthony Napolitan and Andy Buckworth made the trip out to Tehachapi, CA (though Anthony, sore from several back to back contests, sat out the session) and christened the new ramp.

Morgan Wade in the middle of a huge double tailwhip.

The new Mega Ramp at Woodward West features a huge roll-in to a choice of a 50, 60, or 70-foot gap, followed by a massive landing into a 27-foot-tall quarterpipe. When the Mega Ramp team says "mega" they mean mega. You might be able to see the ramp from space. It's that big.

Woodward West's new Mega Ramp is one of the few permanent setups in the world. While it's more directed at pros than the average Woodward camper, there's no telling what sort of new Mega Ramp talent and tricks we'll see come to fruition with this massive structure.

It was scary just climbing the stairs and standing on top of this thing. I'm perfectly happy taking pictures and enjoying it vicariously through Morgan Wade.

Morgan Wade breaking in the new mega ramp with a tucked no hander.