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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Updated: September 13, 3:18 PM ET
Marquis Preston interview

The hammer gloves have taken a beating in the filming for "Stay Gold."

Emerica's "Stay Gold" is all anyone's talking about these days and while most of the focus is directed at The Boss [Andrew Reynolds] or The Massachusetts jumping bean, Brandon Westgate, there are a number of younger dudes that made news in the video. Marquis Preston is one of those dudes. He dropped his first video part in "Stay Gold" and switched from Toy Machine flow limbo to full on Foundation am. We decided to catch up with him to get the full scoop on Heath, the Foundation switch and Corey Duffel.

How did you get the name Marquis? Is your family French?
No, my mom just randomly picked it from some name book. I don't know the meaning of it. I have no idea.

What's the meaning behind your new Foundation ad?
Ha. The Foundation ad. We were coming across the skate spot and they had that question tagged up on the wall and I just thought it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen.

Do you know where that question comes from?
Where it came from? Nah, I actually forgot. It was from a movie or something?

It was a question asked to Stevie Williams in an old "411" Wheels of Fortune section.
That's funny.

I thought that's why you used it because you're a big Stevie Williams fan.
Oh yeah, for days. He's awesome.

Marquis doesn't need to heed any signs. He knows where he's going.

How is it being on a team with Corey Duffel?
So far, so chill. I haven't really gotten to hang out with him too much. It's pretty cool; I got a spot on Foundation. I got a board sponsor. Sick. Finally.

Did you help yourself to selling Collin Provost Leo Romero's jacket?
Yeah, that was jacked, but yeah. I was on the struggs; struggling. I figured Leo could get another one from Rvca.

Did you have to give Collin his money back?
Yeah, I had to. I had to get the jacket back and then I had to pay back Collin. It was a year before I got to pay him back since I rarely see Collin except on trips and stuff.

I heard you also stole Jerry Hsu's griptape?
Stole his griptape? What is all this noise? What? Ok, what kind of griptape was this?

I don't know I heard you just vic'd his griptape in the van when he wasn't looking.
No way. Wow.

What's your take on being on Foundation now?
I'm stoked. I was working with Tum Yeto for two years now and I'm stoked to be still be working with them. Mike Sinclair is awesome.

Are you hoping Mike Sinclair puts you in the X Games Real Street contest next year so you can win $50,000?
Yeah, that sounds pretty good. I haven't been skating many contests.

Marquis puts down a solid bigspin with style.

If he gets you in that contest you should buy him some burgers and feed him.
Dude, I will hook that dude up for days if he gives me 50Gs. I'd owe it to him.

What kind of food would you buy Sinclair if he got you 50Gs?
Food? Probably take him out for sushi. Maybe eat some vegan or Thai.

You're blowing it, man. That's all healthy food. Have you ever met Mike?
Yeah, yeah. He doesn't eat healthy?

Hell no! He deep-fries his water.
Ok, I'll take him over to The Bear over here and get some deep fried butter and some chocolate covered bacon.

So are you happy with your "Stay Gold" part? Yeah, I'm pretty stoked on it. My first video part, first video with some of the gnarliest dudes around.

What was your favorite part?
The flow bros part Matt Mendenhall bonus feature exclusive. No, favorite part, hands down is Brandon Westgate. I loved it.

Does it make you sad that Heath [Kirchart] had a retirement part?
I want to say Alien was his retirement part but he's definitely skating still. Him not having a part in the video is definitely not a retirement move. If there's another video he'll definitely have some clips in it.