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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Derek Cook's custom Yamaha YZ450F

Cook's pimped out white chariot prepares to be dirtied up.
As you all know, I'm a fiend for fresh custom bikes that push the boundaries of their stock counterparts and luckily for me, FMX riders are as well. More so than MX and SX racers, FMXer's are more privy to customize their bikes for the simple fact that (besides a few factory riders like Twitch) they aren't sponsored by the big manufacturers, giving them freedom of choice when it comes to their bike's color scheme, graphic content, and logo placement.

The latest bike to turn my head belongs to Oklahoma ripper Derek Cook. After realizing that he's just too damn big for 250 two-strokes (he's claiming he weighs 225 pounds with gear), Cook switched from his Yamaha YZ250 to the YZ450F, and his latest bike is somewhat of a work of art.

Oh, and incase you missed it, check out this vid of Cook shredding in Cali.

DZ graphics made my graphics look similar to my sleeved right arm. We went with a tattoo theme and if you look close, you can see the names Eden on one side and Lola on the other -- those are my two girls names, and I have the same tats on my wrists.
I started riding for Enzo suspension this year and they have the best suspension I've ever ridden. They put the dark Kashima coated outer tubes on and that really made the bike pop.
Devol hooked me up with all the aftermarket aluminum parts, and Precision Anodizing did all the purple and Black aluminum parts on my bike.