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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Going Coastal

2010 Coastal Clean Up action plan: Heal the LA River ... and you can help.

Beamed out this morning, L.A.'s Heal the Bay, is looking for volunteers for the 21st annual Coastal Cleanup Day, which is coming up on Sept. 25. Responsible for removing more than one million pounds of crap off the beaches and inland waterways over the past two decades, the function is considerably more than just your average beach clean-up.

So consider yourself warned, when it comes to getting down and dirty they're not just looking for somebody to prance around and pick up cigarette butts along Malibu's glitzy shores. This year it's a full frontal assault on the L.A. River. As their call to arms states: "The Five 'Code Red' locations are in need of special attention this year are Dominguez Channel, Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park, Los Angeles River and Encino's Haskell Creek. These urban sites drain runoff from huge swaths of Los Angeles County and are overwhelmed by such litter as plastic bags and fast-food packaging.

For now 61 sites have been confirmed, including 25 inlands locations, as well as SCUBA dive sites in Santa Monica, Redondo and Leo Carrillo, plus a kayak endeavor in Marina Del Rey.

"The ocean needs us now more than ever and we all have a duty to protect it," Heal The Bay's beach programs manager Eveline Bravo said today in a press statement. "A single day of concerted action and education can make a world of difference."