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Thursday, September 16, 2010
The NFL is back

Michael Vick
As exciting as he can be, Mike Vick won't turn the Eagles into winners.

Thank goodness the NFL is back. Having to pick between doing a story about golf or the National League wild card lead was about as exciting as Greeny's hair care schedule.

Here are a few responses to all of the football chatter I've heard this week:

Everyone saying things like "that was the old Mike Vick" or "Mike Vick is back" are absolutely right. Vick had over 100 rushing yards and 175 passing yards -- and he lost the game. Yes he was in a hole, but he lost the game. And I hate to break it to everyone, but even if he is back to his pre-incarceration form, that's still not good enough to win consistently in the NFL. Call me a hater if you want to, but look at his numbers and you'll see he (and his team) was declining before he went to jail. Once teams start game-planning for him again, he'll get shut down just like before.

Nobody wants to say it, but the Colts are wasting their time and money on Bob Sanders. Yeah, I know he's great when he plays. The problem is Santa Claus works more often than this guy. I know it's not his fault, but the fact remains that he's never on the field. Why would you continually allow your team to be forced to overcome the same problem every year?

Jay Cutler is going to throw for a ton of yards, but it won't help. Cutler put up 372 yards last week and fantasy owners rejoiced. Unfortunately for Bears fans, that's about as good as the story is going to get. Chicago should have lost to the lowly Lions and Da Bears still have to face Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers (twice) Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre (twice) and Tom Brady. You don't beat elite QBs unless you take care of the football, which is not exactly Cutler's greatest strength (64 INT in 54 games played).

We know who the Cowboys are. The one line we always hear about the Cowboys is how talented their roster is and how they're always better than they show. That's only half true. I think the Cowboys are exactly as good as they've shown -- and as bad. Since 2005, the Cowboys have averaged 10 wins a year. That's definitely not a bad team, but it's also not the juggernaut that people make them out to be. They're a good team that occasionally, but inconsistently, plays great.

Matt Hasselbeck is still a good quarterback. And I'm not just saying that because he carved up my 49ers like a Thanksgiving turkey. The issue with Hasselbeck has never been ability, it's been health. If you look at the last two times he played a full season, Hasselbeck averaged about 3500 yards a year with 25 TDs and 10 interceptions. That is a playoff-caliber quarterback -- as long as he stays upright.

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