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Monday, September 20, 2010
Updated: February 27, 6:30 PM ET
Crab Beard

Hey. Hi there. My name's Tim. How ya doin'?

There is a bit of a division in snowboarding. On one side you have the contest-winning athletes who are constantly trying to progress the sport of snowboarding by adding more rotations to their tricks. On the other end of the spectrum stands the video pro, someone who has decided to stray away from the contest money in order to take his or snowboarding in a different direction.

Style takes the cake in the video world, so while contest guy focuses on learning quadruple corks in hardpack, the video pro is usually content with throwing a clean floaty trick in some sort of powdery winter wonderland. Going higher, sending it further, and making sure he looks cool as ice while doing so is the main objective.

Tim Eddy is a video pro. This young snowboarder from Lake Tahoe, California has hammered out style-focused movie parts since he first emerged in Neoproto's "Some Kind of Life" in 2006. With his current involvement with the super creative Think Thank crew and their new movie, "Right Brain Left Brain," you can bet your bottom dollar that whether he is slowly spinning a front three deep in the Tahoe backcountry or doing some styled out invert in downtown Salt Lake City, he's looking damn good doing it.

ESPN: Go ahead and state your name, age, and what set you're claiming.
My name is Timothy Eddy. I'm 23 years old, and I live in Truckee, California.

You're only 23!
Yes sir.

Wow, you've been around snowboarding forever. I thought you where like 44.
[Laughs] It's funny you say that because the other day we were at the grocery store and the lady at the check stand asked us for our IDs, so we asked her how old she thought we were. She pretty much had everyone within a few years, but her guess for me was 38 years old.

Did she think you where your friends' weird uncle or something?
Yeah, she thought I was just like the awkward older guy that was hanging with the younger crew to be cool or something. It was super funny.

Did you have the beard going, or were you just baby facing it?
I was looking pretty shaggy, I think when I shave I drop about eight or nine years.

That's true, you get kind of the lumberjack crab fishing beard going.
[Laughs.] For sure.

I'm going to start calling your beard "The Deadliest Catch."
Yeah, Deadliest Catch, without the crabs!

There are two ways off this rail, son. Eddy takes the long way down.

You're one of the nicest guys in snowboarding. How do you maintain that positivity?
Well I think it's pretty easy because I'm just snowboarding all day, and I find it really difficult to be the slightest bit negative when I'm surrounded by the mountain and my friends. I'm doing what I love to do. I'm lucky that I just snowboard all the time, which would keep anyone's attitude positive I think.

You might be more marketable if you went on some violent sprees.
Yeah, I think so, for sure. I think that's where snowboarding is going, and I tried it, but it just didn't work out. I couldn't get blackout drunk and I couldn't punch a cop ... But I wouldn't want to get into a routine of that, it could get dangerous.

Is that when you where touring with Motley Crue?
Exactly. That's when the sex, drugs, and rock and roll started taking over my life. It was a tough road, but now I'm back on track. I'm hanging out with more of the John Mayer crowd now.

What's the deal with you and Think Thank?
Oh man, Think Thank... It rules. It is like hands down my favorite film project that I have ever been a part of. It's just a bunch of dudes in good moods, that's all there is to it. They just want to snowboard and have fun. In the process we make a movie. It's just so sweet because everyone involved is just freestyle, so there's no rules and regulations to what we do. It's just: go out and snowboard however you want to snowboard.

I feel like the tuck knee is like the "ironic mustache" hipster trick. Are you and Think Thank responsible for making that trick cool again?
For sure, dude! Think Thank is the only crew that would pull a tuck knee off of anything. I don't think any other crew would put one in their movie unless it was off like a 300 foot cliff or something.

What's it like hanging out with a dirty stinky gypsy like Gus Engle all winter?
That's probably one of the coolest things about Think Thank -- everyone is so incredibly different in so many ways, but we all just get along.

What's the deal with you and Hawaiian print?
No matter what when you look at Hawaiian print you just have to laugh, and who doesn't like a good chuckle? Plus, I like flowers. They're pretty and I love island style.

That was really sensitive. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Yeah, my deepest darkest secret is that I think flowers are beautiful. They make me cry.

That's not only weird, but also awkward.
[Laughs] Yeah... Sorry.

You seem to be a crowd favorite up at Hood. Besides your creepy disposition, why do the kids love you?
I don't know, it's probably a combination of my creepiness and my maturity level. I seem to fit right in with the 13- to 15-year-old crowd. They probably think I'm just one of their own.

Where exactly are you landing, homie?

Snowboarding is really image driven right now, but you seem to just snowboard and push a love of riding as your number one priority. Was that a conscious decision?
For sure. I came to this conclusion like four or five years ago when I started asking myself the question: what are professional snowboarders? We're not just here to portray images so we can sell more products and get paid more money. I came to the conclusion that my goal is to promote positivity, fun, and happiness through snowboarding.

When I'm out [coaching] I really don't care if the kids are learning the next sweet trick or anything that's going to get them sponsored. If they want to I will help them with it, but my goal is just to promote fun and happiness to kids by using snowboarding as their medium. If we keep teaching that to the kids then snowboarding will continue to be this awesome weird thing we do.

You eat more then any human I have ever seen. Were you not fed as a child, or is that what it takes to grow the crab beard?
[Laughs] I don't know man, maybe both? Really, it takes a lot to fuel this body when I'm constantly training for World's Strongest Man, Navy Seals, and everything else.

Yeah, you have the body of an Olympian.