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Friday, September 24, 2010
Updated: September 27, 6:09 PM ET
Side hustle

Are you going to whine about how your fingers are cold? To this guy?

What is a pro NFL player doing on a snowboard? This was the question we had after stumbling recently upon a photo of the Houston Texans pro linebacker Kevin Bentley decked out in full on-snow regalia in ESPN The Magazine. The article, by Elena Bergeron, details the "side hustles" of mainstream pro athletes, from wine making to cattle breeding. Bentley's hustle? Teaching snowboarding.

According to the article, Bentley is a Cert-II level instructor who has been teaching snowboarding during the NFL off-season in Vail, Colorado (for fourteen dollars an hour!) since 2004. How is it that a guy who needs every muscle, ligament, and joint in his body to be in peak condition every day of the football season even allowed to look at a snowboard, much less step foot on one? We had to find out more.

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