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Sunday, September 26, 2010
Updated: September 27, 9:59 AM ET
Tough Day in the Creme Brulee

Pretty, in a mean sort of way.

The days are numbered on summertime in France. It was virtually still dark when event directors made the call to kick the Quik Pro France into gear this morning.

Jeremy Flores was in the first heat. Dragging his boards out of his car, he admitted he was still half asleep.

"I thought I'd put three boards in the car this morning, but I'm missing my favorite board," he mumbled in the pre-dawn glow.

Perhaps it was an omen. 20 minutes later he was stuck inside taking 10-foot close-out sets on his head, with a broken board at the end of his leash. He made his heat in the last ten seconds after Bede Durbidge had led all the way -- his consolation was knowing his favorite board was still intact.

Meanwhile, in the competitors' tent, Mick Fanning was bouncing around like a boxer preparing for a bout.

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