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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Provost on "Stay Gold" and "Brainwash"

Collin pays in flesh for eternal glory.

Collin Provost has been skating in the limelight of sponsorship and the skateboard industry for more than half his life And he's is still just 19-years-old. The Huntington Beach grom phenom started getting hooked up, by his own estimate, when he was around 8-years-old. Reared beneath the Element tree, Provost branched out a little over a year ago to ride for Toy Machine. Now, with a standout part in Emerica's "Stay Gold" video under his belt and a new part for Toy Machine's upcoming "Brainwash" video due out at the end of October, Provost is turning heads and making a name for himself as a grown-up all-terrain powerhouse. We checked in with Provost right between these two video parts and just after he'd moved out of his parent's house and into his first adult apartment.

When did you turn into present day Collin and leave the little Collin Provost behind?
I don't know when I left the little Collin behind. I guess I got a little taller but I still feel like little Collin.

The growth was overnight right?
Not really. Well, yeah it was overnight. I got out of high school and grew like a foot or more.

Your voicemail is still the voice of the little shaved head Collin. What's up with that?
Oh yeah! My voicemail is too funny. Me and a buddy had a bet for a while, for only $10, and it's gone on for eight years now. This is my one and only voicemail; I'm not ever going to change it.

Did you win the ten bucks?
No the bet's still going to this day.

Is you friend's voicemail a little kid's voice too?
Yeah, he sounds like a little girl.

Who is the bet with?
It's my friend Chris Gregson.

Oh really?
Yeah it's funny.

Did your mom give birth to you at Element?
Hell no! Oh wow! Sweet question.

It seems like you were at Element before you could even talk.
Nah. I was I was like 8-years-old or something when I got on.

What sparked the move to Toy Machine?
I don't know. It's a good company, a cool company. It's like a family and I'm psyched on it.

Are you putting the finishing touches on your footage for the Toy Machine "Brainwash" video?
Trying too. I get surgery in a week now. It's coming up fast.

What do you need surgery for?
The Meniscus in my knee got torn.

Will you have a full part in the video?
Yeah, I think so.

Gapping out to nosebluntslide on an awkward rail, Collin goes for gold.

You've dropped so much footage this year with Emerica's "Stay Gold" and two super good web video parts. How did you pull it off?
I had a lot of left overs from "Stay Gold." Emerica filmer Jon Miner is a picky guy and a lot of stuff didn't make the cut for "Stay Gold." So it worked out great that I have so much left over. I'll be skating every day up until the surgery, too.

Do you think you'd ever shave your head again and start talking like the little Collin again?
Oh man. I guess I could get my braces back too, hopefully. That would be tight. And I could shrink about at foot. Wow.

Do you think Element would try to steal you back from Toy Machine if you looked like the old Collin again?
Probably. That's why we split. They liked the old Collin better.

Tell me something about yourself that nobody really knows.
I don't know ... My brother is a jock. Is that something people might want to know?

When did you and [Toy Machine am] Daniel Lutheran get a place together?
Almost two months ago. It's my first place on my own.

I guess I could get my braces back, too. That would be tight.

--Collin Provost

How is that going?
Going good. Long Beach is so good. Crushing!

Who's messier, you or Dan Lu?
We are all pretty equal. We both mess up our spot and we both clean it when it's out of hand.

Who clocks more footage?
Dan Lu. I can back that.

Who does the dishes?
I don't know ...

Who pays the bills?
That's mutual. We all got to do it.

Who gets up first when someone knocks at the door?
Probably Andrew, Daniel's little brother. He gets the most excited for sure. He shares a room with Daniel.

Who misses the toilet and hits the seat more?
Man I don't know, probably me. But I'll clean that stuff.

Who gets more chicks?
It's all so sporadic and sometimes Daniel is killing it. But then it's back and forth. It's whomever it works out for I suppose. It's never the same.

Why do you guys like to share Toy Machine boxes of product instead of ordering separate ones?
Because it's bro style!

Do you guys share your women too?
Not yet but I wouldn't be opposed.

Will you guys share a part in the "Brainwash" video?
No. We have separate parts but I think we might be back to back in the vid, which is cool.

Most people would use the bank to get up on this Jersey barrier spot. Collin goes in through the out door on a wallie into the bank.

What are you going to do with the rest of today?
Go skate Cherry Park. Daniel and Andrew are already there. I'm meeting up with them right after this interview.

If someone was trying to stalk you and Dan Lu, where might they easily find you?
Cherry Park would be the easiest.

What's your current sponsor line up there days?
Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire and Active.

Last words?
I'm not clever enough for a last word.