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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
FMX hits Quiksilver Pro France

Charles Pagès throwing down a Hart Attack flip over Ken Block at the Fun Motorsports karting track in the south of France.
On September 25 in the south of France, DC Shoes organized the "All In Show;" a massive event on the promenade near famous surfing spot Hossegor beach. DC's All In Show kicked off the Quiksilver Pro France with a concert, live DJ's, the European premier of Gymkhana 3 featuring DC owner and rally car ripper Ken Block, and of course, an FMX show with Nate Adams, Adam Jones, Charles Pagès and Remi Bizouard throwing down for the fans. More than 15,000 spectators were in attendance for the celebration, which raged into the early hours of the next morning -- no California-style 2 p.m. last call here. Unfortunately, the wind began to gust violently giving the riders a bit of trouble, but as usual, they still threw down their best tricks with encouragement from the screaming crowd. Click here to check out Quick's video from the event.

On September 24, a day before DC's All In Show, France's own Charles Pagès threw down a couple ramp-to-ramp jumps while Ken Block drifted his Ford rally car underneath, making for an amazing photo op and promotion for the event.

Both Adam Jones and Nate Adams spent the rest of their time in France before heading to Italy for the last stop of Red Bull X-Fighters in Rome on Saturday, October 2.

Adam Jones floats into French airspace while throwing down a stylish Rock Solid indy at DC's "All In Show."
France's Remi Bizouard represents for his home crowd.
Talk about an awesome location for an FMX demo ...