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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Updated: October 28, 7:24 PM ET
Look Who's Calling Austen Sweetin

Man of the hour, mini tower of power.

Seattle native and Forum team rider Austen Sweetin recently bagged the highly-coveted cover of Snowboarder magazine, as well as a standout part in Forum's new movie. Since Sweetin's the new "It Boy" we decided to make him the guinea pig for our new weekly column, "Look Who's Calling," where we dial the numbers of random pro snowboarders and ask them questions about their moms.


Hey, what's going on man?
What up? How is it going?

Pretty good. What are you doing?
Um, just looking for my coffee. I just got done skating and I set down somewhere outside.

Was your mom there?
Uh no.

She's always at snowboard events though.
Yeah she comes to all the ones in Oregon and Seattle.

Does she ground you if you don't land tricks?
Naw... She said she's going to ground me if I don't start landing doubles.

Double what?
Double Corks.

Your Mom is a really nice lady, and you guys seem like a nice family, but I started to question her parenting abilities when I saw how much she lets you hangout with Peter Line.
[Laughs] Yeah, hanging out with Peter is a good time.

Yeah, what do you guys talk about?
I don't know. He just kind of talks to me about girls and stuff, or makes fun of me for how short I am.

Whoa, Peter makes fun of you for being short? You guys could both jockey Seabiscuit. Who's taller?
He's got me by like an inch, but I'm 19 -- I could still grow a little bit.

Yeah, he's like 47.
[Laughs] Yeah, he's like 50.

You just got the cover of Snowboarder Magazine. How did that feel?
That was unreal, a dream come true. Getting a cover has been one of my goals since I started snowboarding and it happening at such a young age is just unreal.

Sweetin may be a little guy, but he's not afraid to throw it off man-sized jumps.

I heard you have to have dreads to be on Forum now. Are you going to grow dreads?
I thought about it, but I don't think I could pull it off.

What are you doing this winter, filming another Forum video?
Um I'm not sure if they're filming like another full movie. I'll just be hanging out in Tahoe with my homies Tommy and Seth making another YKWII video.

Wait, you guys are moving to Tahoe?
Yeah, for like three months.

Are you going to pick up some energy drinks sponsors? I heard they're all the rage down there.
Maybe, I really enjoy drinking Red Bull.

Do you have an agent?
I do not have an agent. I'm freelance. Wait, is that how you say that?

You're a rogue snowboarder.
What does that mean?

Rogue is when you're out on your own just being a bad ass.
[Laughs] Yeah, I'm that!

Who do you ride with?
Austin Hironaka, Seth Kitzke, Yudo Kurtia, John Shaw, Jacob Krugmire, and a buch of other people.

Is Jacob that one girl who rides for Capita?
I took a picture of both of them standing next to each other this summer, and I'm pretty sure if Jacob was a girl he would be Jess Kimura's twin.

So does Jess ride like a dude or does Jacob ride like a girl?
I think Jess rides like a dude.