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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Updated: October 15, 1:45 PM ET
Bring back the Rumble

The third and final Rumble In Ramona went down on Saturday and, just like the previous two years, it delivered in the form of today's top vert pros mixing it up with legendary veterans. Just like the previous two years, it was a beautiful day out in the cuts of San Diego County. And as always, the session began early and went deep into the night. Beer and energy drinks flowed, skaters shredded, bands rocked out, classic cars were on display, and a pin-up girls roamed free.

My personal favorite Rumble returnees were as follows: Jeff Gross, Hosoi, Max Shaaf, DIV, Tyler Mumma, Rune Glifberg, and the entire Creature team -- Sam Hitz, Alex Horn, Darren Navarette, Al Partanen, DAvid Gravette, and Taylor Bingaman. A few new faces caught the crowd's attention, most notably NorCal's Brad McClain and Canadian vert legend Rob "Sluggo" Boyce, who whipped out a jaw-dropping backflip. He later claimed it's been five years since he last threw one, but that's how things go at the Rumble -- expect the unexpected.

Hopefully that means we can expect a fourth one next year.