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Monday, October 11, 2010
Amateur hour: Gilbert Crockett

Gilbert switch heels a rugged looking bump to box at home in Richmond, Virginia.

In late October Vans is launching a TV website which will constantly have tons of new footage of every kind regarding the legendary shoe brand. I've been asked to go have adventures with each of the Vans team riders, one by one, and film little 'Day in the Life' type episodes for the site. For the first installment I drove down to Richmond, Virginina and kicked it with Alien Workshop am (hopefully soon-to-be-pro) Gilbert Crockett for a weekend. Needless to say, antics ensued. Here's Gilbert's thoughts on our adventure together.

You're the first guy to get featured on Vans' new TV website, Vans TV. How do you think our weekend adventure went?
I think it was a lot less weird than I thought it was going to be. It was pretty much normal things in my life and we had a good time. It turned out more fun than I expected.

What were you anticipating?
When you hear something like, "day in the life," or think about a camera following you and your friends around, your family, your girlfriend, it just kind of puts a weird taste in your mouth. Once we did it, it ended up being really rad and fun.

You being my guinea pig and me having no filming skills, how do you rate me?
You're filming is not up to par with your interview skills; that's all I got to say.

What did I blow it on the worst?
There's a couple lines downtown that we filmed that you might see or you might not see anything because you're so far away from me.

Any pointers to improve my filming?
No, I don't know how to help you. Stop filming.

You showed me around your hometown of Richmond, Virginia. What are your favorite places to go here?
My favorite places to go are Dominion skateshop, Elwood Thompsons is a supermarket that I eat at almost every day and going downtown to skate are probably my top three things in Richmond.

You hurt your ankle pretty bad at the West Coast Maloof Money Cup in August. How's that coming along?
It's coming along pretty well actually. I've been doing everything I can to take care of it. I've been going to physical therapy regularly and time is actually going by faster than I thought. You know when you're hurt time tends to creep by until you're healing up again. But I actually did alright with it and I'm pretty psyched to be skating again.

You just had your second Vans ad in a short amount of time. They seem pretty stoked on you and you seem really interested in making shoes from what I saw of you widdling away in your room. Tell me about the shoes you're going out to Vans to work on next week.
I'm going to work with a couple dudes on the team, Chima Ferguson, Andrew Allen and Chris Pfanner and most of the main shoe designers and it's going to turn into two projects eventually. What I'm trying to help out with is getting a good cup sole shoe that's up to date in terms of board feel, durability and with more support in hopes of bridging the gap between big, puffy shoes and a slip on.

No racoon tail on the hat but that's because this Crockett's first name is Gilbert not Davey.

You being my first guy to go on an adventure with for Vans TV, who do you look forward to seeing one done on?
I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Lutheran's because it's going to be completely outrageous. And probably Chris Pfanner because he lives in Europe, so it would be cool to see what his life is like when he's at home. I haven't been to everyone's home on the team. A lot of dudes are from random places and it would be cool to see someone from another country.

Who is your favorite dude on the team, skating-wise?
The way they skate? Probably AVE. Yeah, AVE. Then favorite dude on the team is Daniel Lutheran. He is balls to the wall fun all the time. He doesn't care about anything except having a good time at this moment in life right now. It's non-stop comedy and goofy stuff all day long and I feel like a kid messing around with him.

Habitat is about to have a video come out. Is there going to be an Alien Workshop section in that like they've been known to do in the past?
I don't think there is. They're trying to keep the videos separate especially since Alien just had a really big project. It doesn't give a lot of time for Alien Workshop dudes to do much. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Habitat video especially Marius Syvanen and Silas Baxter-Neal's parts.

In terms of video projects, what are you working on next?
I'm working towards the Vans video with everyone. Also me and Jake Johnson are trying to do something with our VX footage for like an Alien thing, like a small side project just for both of us to have something to work on while working on the Vans video because the Vans video is going to be HD.

So if it wasn't filmed on HD it doesn't count?
That's right. I think that's the future of skate videos. The VX1000 are going to be obsolete one day because they're not making them anymore even though they're one of the best cameras ever.