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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Multidimensional day in Portgual

Owen Wright, seeing Kelly Slater in 10D.

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Amongst the surf brands there is a technical one-upmanship being played out at the World Tour events and this year, Rip Curl showed their Portugese hand at the pre-contest press conference. It was announced that, from the Quarterfinals, they would be broadcasting the contest live in 3D on cable TV around the world.

At times the action was so exciting the fans simply couldn't contain themselves.

We were only in Round 3 today and they were testing out the huge 3D cameras from the cliffs of the back-up site at Belgas.

They started test recording during Owen Wright's heat, and you probably couldn't have scripted it better. Wright had creased his board during a previous ride and after signaling madly to his dad Rob for a back-up he caught a small righthander. Maybe it was the lack of pressure, or his mindset that the board was already creased, but as he hit the inside section a tempting ramp appeared in front of him. The kid only knows one way when such an opportunity presents itself, and that is to punt. And punt he did. A huge no-hands backside 360 reverse. The result was a perfect 10-point ride. From Rip Curls perspective they're over the moon. The 3D cameras were rolling for the first time and they had recorded their team rider scoring a perfect 10! I don't think they even believed it themselves. The technicians doing the entire web casting and filming were all buzzing. They even dragged Wright into the webcast truck, stuck a pair of 3D glasses on his head and played and replayed the move.

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