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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Updated: October 20, 3:06 PM ET
Pig Wheels Street and Park Cores ($35)

Pig Wheels out of the Tum Yeto distribution camp have been doing things right for quite some time. Though the company and its product are often overshadowed by that one behemoth wheel company in the market (hint: the one with the flaming head logo), Pig has always had a quality product and an A-list team including Don Nguyen, Nick Trapasso and Louie Barletta. While many skaters go for the standard-issue solid white wheels, some enjoy the option of variety when it comes to their wheels' weight and the hardness of the riding surface. Enter Pig Wheels' Street Core, Park Core and Street Cruiser cored wheel offerings.

Pig Wheels' Park Core and Street Core wheels in 54 and 52 millimeter sizes respectively.

Pig Wheels offers various cored-wheel options for various types of skating. The idea behind having a plastic core in a skateboard wheel (instead of solid urethane) is to make the wheel lighter, because plastic is less dense than urethane. So you get a lighter wheel without having to go down several millimeters in your wheel size.

The super soft Street Cruiser cored wheels from Pig.

The Pig Wheel cores of the Street Cores, Park Cores and Street Cruisers differ by the hardness of the outer urethane measured in "durometer." A standard street skating wheel has a durometer of 101A. That hard-surface wheel helps maintain snapped pop on tricks and the surface is dense enough to slide against ledges, rails and coping without creating too much drag. A wheel designed more for ramp and skatepark sessions can have a lower durometer since those surfaces are generally smoother to begin with, so wheel friction while sliding is less of an issue. As such, the Park Cores from Pig have a 97A durometer. Cruiser wheels are designed for just that: cruising. When your end goal is getting from point A to point B and tricks are much less of a factor, the softer the wheel, the smoother your ride will be. Pig's Street Cruisers are an 88A duromete -- plenty soft for cruising while maintaining a street wheel shape. Many other soft wheels of the cruiser variety tend to embrace an old school aesthetic that can be less appealing to a devout modern street skater.

You can order Pig Wheels of all kinds directly from their site here. You should also be able to pick up a set at any discerning skate shop or from several online shops including SPoT, Kinetic Skateboarding and Active.