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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Updated: October 15, 11:58 AM ET
Sold on the cold

Josh Kerr might have had some numb toes, but it was all worth it today, as he took the 6-star O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada title.

Josh Kerr airs it out for for a 6-star win.

Kerr fell off the ASP World Tour in 2009. This year, with so much emphasis on the Star and PRIME contests, there's been a lot more competition at these events. He also won the Margret River Drug Aware Pro earlier this year, making it very evident that the Ozzie aerialist's days at the top tier of professional surfing are far from over.

In what he himself called a "slow" final, Kerr edged out Eric Geiselman, 12.10 to 10.20.

"You're blood is pumping a lot harder to keep you warm. It takes it out of you," he said in a press release, "But we are surfing in Canada -- it's a beautiful place. You're in the mountains, but by the beach. It's a trip. I am stoked!"

Eric Geiselman -- now there's a name you haven't heard much of in competitive circles these last two years. After the surf world wondering exactly what he was up to, he made his own statement in a jersey today, defeating the likes of Mitch Coleborn, Tanner Gudauskas, and Shaun Cansdell en route to the final.

The enchanted forest of Tofino, BC.

Not only did the Floridian notch the highest heat total of the day (16.34 in the quarters) he also had the highest wave score of the day in the semis. Ironically, it was a kerrupt flip that earned him a 9.10.

"It would have been nice to have won, but I'm stoked to get a result," Geiselman said. "I haven't really had one this year, so to make the final is great. I've had the best time ever up here in Canada and this is a great way to start the remainder of the year."

Kerr basically won by wave selection, which was key in the two to four-foot peaks. He also had the distinction of taking down local hero and last year's winner, Peter Devries, by one point in the quarterfinals.

How weird would it have been if Eric Geiselman's kerrupt flip came during the final agains Josh Kerr himself?

"When I came in I was all apologizing to everyone," he said, of knocking off their home town favorite.

Cansdell's semifinal birth here put him in first place for Cold Water Classic series title with Stuart Kennedy now in second. The winner will be determined at the Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz next week, with an additional $50,000 on the line.