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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Updated: October 19, 11:32 AM ET
David Garrard settles into his role

By Ron Jaworski

"Monday Night Football" analyst Ron Jaworski breaks down the matchup between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars:

When I watch the Jacksonville Jaguars on tape, I can see that QB David Garrard has really settled into his role. The Jaguars do not ask him to win the game. The Jacksonville offense moves him around nicely and it is difficult for defenses to zero in on him. He is now also a much more measured player and he executes very well. Tight end Marcedes Lewis has emerged as his go-to receiver and the two have begun to mesh.

Another key in Jacksonville's offense is its athletic fullback, Greg Jones. There is a lot of misdirection in the Jaguars' running game and Jones has the ability to make a block and hold it while Maurice Jones-Drew finds the hole.

This improving Jacksonville offense will have its hands full on Monday night with Jason Jones, the defensive tackle of the Tennessee Titans. He just pops on the tape right now. Last week against the Dallas Cowboys, Jones was so dominating that Pro Bowl tackle Leonard Davis was removed from the game. While I watched that game, I just kept saying, "Who is THAT guy?" To get a win, the Jags will have to know who Jason Jones is and will have to find a way to contain him.

Other observations this week from the tape room:

When I watched the Redskins-Packers game, I saw that QB Donovan McNabb had only an average game. He'd stick a few throws and then bounce one. But he showed that quality that all great players have. He has amnesia -- he forgets the bad plays immediately. So while he did not have a great overall game, he made plays at the end to get the win. He never quits.

McNabb's determination is contagious, too. His wide receivers simply do not give up on a play. They know McNabb is agile and strong enough to keep a play alive. So if a ball does not come to them in the first window, they extend the play and keep running. They know McNabb can keep a play alive and will hit them in that second or third window on the play. They know any play could be their play, so they keep attacking. It's a great quality to have in an offense.