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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Updated: January 1, 4:21 PM ET
On the Down Load

You won't get the 100-page book, but you'll get to watch the movie immediately.
Shop kids can relax. The daily, anxious phone calls from customers looking for the latest snowboard flicks have lessened, as almost every new movie is now available to download to your computer, iPod, and super intelligent phone. To help you wade through the plethora of download links, we have compiled a list of all of the movies that are releasing digitally. Whether you're looking for a pro-filled blockbuster or a locals-only video, if you can click and save it, you'll find it below.


Pirate Movie Productions ~ "Hooked"
Winner of the "Best Cinematography" category in our editor's pick awards, "Hooked" has been playing on loop in the ESPN snowboarding office since it arrived. Besides having a bangin' soundtrack, and a tight film/edit package, it features some of the best snowboarders and snowboarding going down on the other side of the planet. Though, it would be a shame to miss out on the 100-page companion book that comes with the dvd package release, it is now available for download on iTunes.
Riders: Gigi Rüf, Danny Larsen, Erik Botner, Teo Konttinen, Arthur Longo, Stian Solberg, Halldor Helgason, and more.

Absinthe Films ~ "NowHere"
Runner up in our editor's pick "Best Picture" category -- Absinthe delivers another film that will make you swear that this year, you're finally saving up for that trip to AK, Jackson Hole, or anywhere with cliffs and powder.
Riders: Bjorn Leines, Jake Blauvelt, Bode Merrill, Dan Brisse, Lucas Debari and more

Peepshow ~ "Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow"
Describing LMBMT as a ladies' shred flick doesn't do this movie justice. From Colleen Quigley's 50-50 on the creeper rail to ("Best Female" ed. pick) Jess Kimura's textbook method, this crew raises the bar for women's snowboarding and proves that their footage has earned a place amongst that of their male counterparts.
Riders: Jess Kimura, Colleen Quigley, Desiree Melancon, Bev Vuilleumier, Marie Hucal and more.

Mmmm... DJ Baron...

Volcom/Veeco Film ~ "9191"
Gigi Rüf drives 9191 with his backcountry exploration, and filmmaker Jake Price's style of filming/editing seamlessly blends with the riding, creating more of a visual experience than just a snowboard movie. Add in an (ed. pick "best score") original soundtrack by DJ Baron, and 9191 is another notch in Volcom's library of classics.
Riders: Gigi Rüf, Jake Blauvelt, Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller, Luke Mitrani, and more.

Special Blend, Forum & Foursquare ~ "F' It"
Banger after banger is infused with Forum's self-mocking attitude, keeping this film fun and loose. Both impressive and refreshing, "F' It" is effing good.
Riders: Pat Moore, John Jackson, Cameron Pierce, Niko Cioffi and the rest of the Forum team.

Alterna Films ~ "Hello World"
This year's offering from Alterna finds the balance between cornices, cliffs and double kinks, with riding from a stacked line up of Canadian pros and their friends. This movie is a perfect "get stoked" flick to watch while you're getting ready to head to the hill.
Riders: Benji Ritchie, Mikey Rencz, Devun Walsh, Chris Dufficy, Eero Niemela, JF Fortin, and more.

Flow and Rubbish Films ~ "Witness the Sickness"
Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Brandon Reis, Jeremy Thompson and the rest of the Flow Team channel the fluorescent fury of the eighties in this year's team movie.
Riders: The entire Flow Team, from microns to Olympians.


The following videos will be available late Oct./early Nov.

Since Apple doesn't give out direct links to movies until they're available for download, we're just letting you know that eventually they will be available on iTunes. To find them in the iTunes Store labyrinth, you have to search in TV Shows > TV Seasons. Why TV Shows? Who knows. You're welcome.


If the fate of the world depended on me climbing up some of these lines, we would all die.

Teton Gravity Research ~ "Deeper"
The first installation of (ed. pick "Best Male") Jeremy Jones' three-part film series brings viewers into his world, via long-lens and helmet-cam filming, as he climbs up, and drops into some of the most ballsy lines seen in snowboarding to date. Forget "big," "Deeper" brings the gigantic-mountain riding experience closer than ever.
Riders: Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Xavier De Le Rue, Josh Dirksen, Forrest Shearer and more.

Finger on Da Trigger and MFM Productions ~ "The Arena"
Each year, while playing by their own rules, FODT delivers, resulting in videos filled with inimitable hammers. Expect no less from this season's offering, loaded with dramatic filming and serious style in the streets.
Riders: Marc Frank Montoya, Lucas Magoon, Johnnie Paxson, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen and more.

TransWorld ~ "In Color"
For the third year, TransWorld brings together a new group of talented riders and allows their collective dynamic to act as a driving force in the video. "Best Picture" editor's pick winner, "In Color" features an equal distribution of pros well versed in backcountry, along with those acclimated more to the streets than high altitudes. The combination of everyone's personalities and styles is fused together in a nice little package.
Riders: Devun Walsh, Jussi Oksanen, Iikka Backstrom, Chris Bradshaw, Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors, Jake Olson Elm, and more

Bluebird ~ "Dobre Hombres"
Bluebird returns this season with a film that genuinely portrays the Jackson Hole snowboarding community: the friends, the mountain, and Bluebird's esoteric perspective that ties it all together.
Riders: Bryan Iguchi, Kevin Jones, Mark Carter, Adam Dowell and some other good dudes.

Oh, Canada...

Sandbox Films ~ "Now You Know"
This year's release from Sandbox promises to whet your appetite for backcountry kickers, powder lines and creative street shredding, all in one. If the closeout gap to bomb drop shown in the teaser is any sign of this crew's ability to ride anything put in front of them, "Now You Know" will be fully worth the download.
Riders: Brendan Keenan, Jake Koia, Jake Kuzyk, Rube Goldberg, Kael Hill, Ryan Tiene and more.

I Heart Snow Productions ~ "The Peace Process"
For the better part of a decade, Ian Post has been gathering the best riders in Vermont and New Hampshire for his scrappy and accurate portrayals of winter back East. All those hours standing outside in bitter New England temperatures have paid off with "The Peace Process," his best to date.
Riders: Yale Cousino, Luke Haddock, Shaun Murphy, Mike Ravelson and more.

Sequence Films ~ "Split the Sin"
This Quebecois crew makes no apologies for their raw, do-what-they-want, East Coast attitude, and none are needed. The teaser alone features three huge bomb drops and tons of gnarly rail riding--a quick introduction to Quebec's emerging new guard of shreds.
Riders: Zach Aller, Yan Devo, Fred Lacroix, Phil Tardif, and more.

Bald E-Gal Productions ~ "Poachers X"
Minnesota's hallmark film crew celebrates its tenth contribution with Poachers X. Dan Brisse, Jonas Michilot, and Joe Sexton, amongst others, have risen through the Bald E-Gal ranks to get where they are today, so you can be sure that this film is full of hungry riders worth watching.
Riders: Dan Brisse, Ryan Paul, Viktor Simco, Ezra Jacobson, Casey Desmond, Brandon Larson, Krister Ralles, Jordan Michilot and more.

SixEleven Productions ~ "Stop... Hammertime"
It's kind of surprising how well MC Hammer's music fits over a montage of snowboarding. Colorado's favorite homie crew brings together aesthetic filmmaking, a unique take on local spots, and a fun vibe in their newest release.