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Thursday, October 21, 2010
Updated: October 31, 10:30 PM ET
A bit of Barca

Busy raising his young family on Kauai, we haven't seen a lot of Dustin Barca since he walked away from life as a touring pro surfer last year. But don't kid yourself, he's hardly let himself, or his surfing, go. No man cave and kegerator in the garage for this dad. We caught up to Barca to see exactly how he's filling his days ... besides changing diapers, of course.

What are you spending more time doing these days, training or surfing?

A little of both, always training to fight, I've been competing in boxing and jiu jitsu tournaments this year, gaining more experience to fight MMA.

Last good surf trip you were on?

Tahiti twice with Seabass, first trip was a shocker, second was a score!

Off the tour and living the life of a family man, how's things going in Hawaii these days?

Things in Hawaii are great, family's healthy I'm healthy, can't complain. Livin' the dream.

Plans for the next six months to year?

I'm starting a website called, it's gonna have daily video's of me and my friends surfing, training, fighting, partying and other funny stuff. Should be weird, in a good way! Other than that, just been surfing good waves and taking care of my family!

What are you looking to most this winter?

Being happy!