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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Hook, line and Seabass

For those of you that know Sebastian "Seabass" Zietz this doesn't come as news, but for those of you who are meeting the Kauaian for the first time, brace yourself. Seabass ranks among the best humans to have on a surf trip -- hyper talented, happy in anything from two-foot dribble to ten-foot ledges, and more to the point, always eager to have a good time no matter what's crackin'. Filmer Matt Wybenga recently caught up with Seabass in Tahiti, which explains the above clip, and just to paint a little clearer portrait of the three-thumbed super freak, we tossed a few questions his way to see what he'd come up with.

Where was the last place you were at?

The last place I was was Canada for the Cold Water six-star, it was a super sick trip with me and six friends from Maui all staying in the same house. But I doubt we had as much fun as Mitch Coleborn who got arrested for running around a school butt naked at 8:00 in the morning after pulling an all nighter. Go Mitch!

Life on the road means ...

Life on the road means partying a lot, eating whatever there is on offer, which can be pritty seedy at times, and consistently struggling to break the langwig barrier.

One place you haven't been, but always wanted to is where?

Amsterdam, I've heard a lot of good things.

Non-surfing trip, where's the best place to go without a coast?

Hmm, the best place I've ever been without a coast was probably Orlando because there's so many sick amusment parks. I froth on them.

Growing up Kauai means ...

Growing up on Kauai was a dream come true, the best waves with the coolest people and good food and great vibes. I love the place.

And the benefit of being haole hawaiian is ...

I don't think there is any.