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Thursday, October 28, 2010
Updated: October 30, 9:27 AM ET
Cantrell-Shepherd showdown for first

By Jim Wilkie

Barring a tie, there will be an undisputed leader in the Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League after this week's games.

Jerry Cantrell
Jerry Cantrell's JC Aroma Of Tacoma is the league's hottest team with a three-game winning streak.

Jerry Cantrell's JC Aroma Of Tacoma and Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Team Re-Domination are tied with 5-2 records atop the league. And in a nice bit of timing, they face each other in Week 8.

After beating Duff McKagan's Team Loaded last week, Cantrell, the league's founder, was looking forward to this week's showdown and shared his thoughts on the league message board:

Costly Win
Posted: Oct 26, 11:23 p.m.
Jerry Cantrell
JC Aroma Of Tacoma

Duff was definitely ready for a fight to the death this week so I had to whip out some serious voodoo to get it done. Duff is bigger than me and has a longer reach so instead of the ring I chose the alley to equal the playing field a bit. Two buddies, two 4-2 teams and one Monday night game to settle it all.

I took my lumps, though. Looks like I lost my starting quarterback for the season to a snapped twig in the process. … Bummer.

Five games left, boys, heading into the home stretch tied at 5-2 with Kenny Wayne. Top four teams get in. Time to step up to the plate, gentlemen.

But close behind Cantrell and Shepherd are five teams tied at 4-3 who are keeping the heat on the league leaders. Those teams are Team Loaded, Zakk Wylde's Team Doom Crew Inc., Mike Inez's M.I. Evil?, Meat Loaf's Hell In A Hand Basket and Scott Ian's Fear And Loathing.

Team Loaded and Fear And Loathing face each other, so the winner will be in good shape, likely tied for second place.

Participants in the Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League will each put one valuable item up for auction by the end of the season. The league champion will get to designate which charity receives the proceeds of the auction. More details on the auction will be announced in the coming weeks.

Weekly updates on the Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League, trash talk and interviews with the owners will be published on's The Life and Music sections throughout the season. Members of the league also will drop by for occasional chats on SportsNation.

Here is a recap of Week 7 and a look ahead to Week 8's matchups: