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Saturday, October 30, 2010
Updated: November 4, 11:42 AM ET
Diamondback Diogo Canina Real ($299)

Diamondback's Diogo Canina signature Real frame.

Throughout the '80s, the brand Diamondback was synonymous with cutting edge BMX products and legendary teams, boasting the likes of Mike Dominguez, Woody Itson and AA pro Harry Leary. The brand seemed to lose momentum in the latter part of the decade, but continued to manufacture complete bikes throughout the '90s. In the early '00s, Diamondback jumped back into the team game, sponsoring X Games champ Bruce Crisman, along with Aussie Colin Mackay and racer Reuel Erickson. Currently, Diamondback has gone back to their roots, sponsoring a small but dedicated team, spec'ing out an impressive range of completes, and issuing new signature frames, including Diogo Canina's signature Real (pronounced ree-al) frame.

Just one of the details on Diogo's frame: an integrated seat clamp.

Diogo's signature frame is a full post-weld heat-treated 4130 cro-mo frame, built for skateparks, trails and street riding. Specs include a 20.8" top tube, 13.7" chainstays, a 75 degree head tube angle, and features on the frame include a Mid B/B, internal headset, integrated seat clamp and no brake mounts. The frame's final weight is 4.8 lbs., and color options include black or green. "I never got into the trend of lowering my seat too far," says Diogo. "On my frame, the seat height is where you need it to be," he adds. "I am not a weight freak, so that gave us room to make sure that this is a strong frame. Going through big jumps, you want to make sure things will stay in one place."

Since Diogo has two X Games Silver Medals, and since Diogo is not afraid to go huge, there is no better person to speak for this frame than the man himself. Here's Diogo on why his frame rules: "I have been running my frame for over a year now, and the feedback has been really good. Diamondback has all these riders with different styles on the team now. Nate Berkheimer comes from the race scene, destroys any dirt course, and is all about the Real frame. Matt Closson, a street rider from Vegas, also just gave me the thumbs up on the frame, and Rob Armor, a super tech/big tricks rider, is excited about it too. It's definitely a frame for all terrains."

You can search for your nearest Diamondback dealer on the Diamondback BMX site.

Diamondback Real Frame from DiamondbackBMX on Vimeo.

Diogo dishes the dirt on the name of the frame: "During the last four years, I got sucked into economics and social sciences at college. Even though BMX is the biggest thing in my life right now, I wanted to bring some of the other interests in my life together on my frame, and "Real" is the name for the money currency in Brazil, just like dollar in the U.S."