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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Amateur Hour: Tyler Mumma

Tyler pushes a feeble grind through the corner with the added hazard of a dog on the deck.

Tyler Mumma has been quietly killing spots in Southern California for some time. The all terrain skater with a penchant for nasty transitions earned a reputation for ripping largely outside of the skate industry limelight just by being the dude who could show up at a session and kill it. No attitude. No ego. Mumma's a good one. Randomly placed on Black Label's Emergency program alongside Jeff Grosso and Duane Peters a few years back, Mumma had boards to skate and a crew to roll with. However, the Emergency vibe was probably geared towards skaters a few decades above Mumma's age bracket. Recently Black Label founder, John Lucero disbanded the Emergency side project and Mumma got absorbed into the regular Label team. Seems to be a turn for the better for Mumma and he couldn't be happier.

Are you psyched to be fully on Black Label?
Yeah it's cool. A little more life in the Label compared to Emergency.

Are they going to make you film a video part?
Yep, we are working on an am video right now.

What happened with Emergency?
Everyone Emergency was built for left. Meaning Duane [Peters] and [Jeff] Grosso. It was pretty much there for those two guys so when they left there was nothing to sell.

Do you think you missed out by being younger and not skating with those guys in the '80s?
That would have been sick. I would probably be making more money too. Ha!

How old were you when you first got on Emergency?
19 or 20? I think. It's been a while.

Finding his line through a very difficult pool, Mumma goes frontside over the love seat from wall to wall.

You just switched another sponsor, too right?
Yeah I am back on Von Zipper. I am psyched. They were actually my very first sponsor when I was a little kid so it's good to be back.

What is your favorite pool you ever skated?
Probably the Cockpit in Costa Mesa. There was a random rooster that would roam around so that's how it got its name. It's not there anymore, though. They tore it out and built a fire station over it. The deep end kind of sucked but the shallow was awesome. It was like skatepark tranny.

What is the longest it has ever taken you to bucket out a pool?
Ha! If it's full of water I will just come back another time when it's not. I won't even skate it. I will just go home. I don't really bucket out too many pools.

What's the coolest place you got to go to on an Insight trip?
Indonesia was pretty sick. We got to go out to Bali to shoot an ad campaign.

Did you guys surf out there?
Yeah, we got to go once or twice. Didn't get to mission out to the really good spots but we got to surf. It was fun.

How do you convince girls to pose for your photos for all the Insight art shows?
Ha! Just post something on Facebook about free clothes. That usually works. Facebook.

Just because he's waist deep in the shallow end doesn't mean Mumma's not a deep thinker.

Why don't you have an energy drink sponsor yet?
My head is too valuable. They can't afford my skull.

It has just rained for a week straight, which is pretty much unheard of in Southern California. What do you do if you can't go skate?
I don't know. Nothing really. Started a blog. I was that bored. There are a bunch of photos. Some skate. Some girls. Not too many words, though.

How often do you skate vert?
Only at the Rumble in Ramona. One day a year.

That's it? Only one day?
Yep. One day pass.