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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Look Who's Calling Forest Bailey

No, it's a French mustache. French.

Forest Bailey is a Vermont native who traveled his way around the contest circuit last year claiming victories like someone had stolen them and he was taking them all back. From the Shakedown to the Throwdown, Bailey was on fire and not even Smokey the Bear could put him out. Since Mervin recently announced that they were honoring Bailey with his very own Psychedelic Park Pickle model, we decided to call him up.

ESPN: What's up buddy? How are you?
Forest Bailey: I'm doing great, chilling at my house in Tahoe.

Yeah, but did you make the full loop? Did you?!

You're not in Vermont?
No, I don't live there anymore.

What's it like to grow up in Vermont?
Super mellow. I grew up in a really rural area so there wasn't much going on. I just snowboarded and skateboarded a lot.

What do you do in a really rural area? Do you hunt or chop down trees?
Um, no. [Laughs] I'm not a hunter or a woodsmen or anything. My parents are hippies so I listened to a lot of music and enjoyed the wilderness.

You kind of have a woodsman mustache, though.
I don't know if I would really call it "woodsman." Maybe more French or something.

Or just creepy. You still hanging out with Johnny Lazz?
Oh yeah. He just moved right up the street. It's sick.

You two seem like you are on polar opposite sides of the mellow-to-super-hyper spectrum.
[Laughs] Yeah, sometimes we cross wires, but most of the time it works out. The ladies love it.

Oh, you two are lady killers now?
Yeah, that's pretty much all we do. I mean, we try. It doesn't always work out, though.

So GNU just gave you a pro model Park Pickle, how did that come about?
That was so insane, I can't even believe that it happened. It happened really quickly. I'm still in shock.

Does it have a tie-dye top sheet?
It's not tie-dye, it's more like splatter paint.

Speaking of trippy imagery...

If you lick your top sheet do you see magical colors?
Well the colors are on the top sheet, so if you lick or don't lick it you will still see them.

You kind of blew up in the contest world last year. How do you feel about being a contest kid?
Well, I'm hoping now that I "blew up" I won't have to do as many. I really just want to be filming constantly.

What are you going to be filming for?
Gnarly is going to be doing a movie this year. It's Keegan Valaika's clothing company. I just started riding for them, so hopefully I will be working on that.

You're a pretty good skateboarder. You should do that one contest where you skate, snowboard, and surf...
The Ultimate Boarder.

Yeah, you should be the Ultimate Boarder!
No way! I suck at surfing. I got chicken arms, I can't even paddle out.

Did you buy anything cool with your contest winnings?
Not really.

You bought a station wagon or something right?
[Laughs] No way, I bought a Saab! There's a jet engine in that bad boy. Everyone has their Saab story.

Oh My God... Are they paying you to say things like that?
[Laughs] No, but maybe they'll start after this interview!