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Friday, November 12, 2010
Updated: November 14, 1:57 PM ET
Jerry Hsu: Still Gold

Jerry Hsu swims backwards upstream on this uphill, up bar switch 50-50.

Jerry Hsu is definitely in my list of favorite skaters and not just for what he does on a skateboard but more so what he does off of it. And I'm not just talking about his photography. Jerry has always handled the skate media the way it should be handled: about as serious as one should take skateboarding i.e. not at all. Every interview I've read with Jerry has made me laugh and this short one conducted via email yesterday is no different. It's short. It's sweet but it's 100 percent Jerry. Enjoi.

What are you doing in Turkey? Did you go there to celebrate Thanksgiving?
I'm here to see if there are any sculptures that need pivot fakie-ing. Also, I like going to places where the kids touch my clothing and hair in wonderment like I'm Indiana Jones.

How has life changed since getting "Stay Gold" finished?
Have you ever eaten at Panera Bread? The soup and salad place? We ate there every single day filming for this video. It's nice to eat wherever I want now. Also, skating is carefree again! Hooray!

Would you say your slams are the best slams in "Stay Gold?"
I would say my slams are the best slams in "Stay Gold." I didn't really pay attention to anyone else's part.

Why was your part was 100 percent switch? Are you dyslexic?
I was only comfortable skating switch after my knee surgery. And I've hit my head a lot over the years so maybe I just don't know how to skate anymore.

Are you healthy and recovered from all your plague of injuries over the last several years?
Well, I still don't feel that awesome with my knees. Maybe I'll just skate switch for the rest of my life. Is that annoying? Sorry, everyone.

What's the weirdest thing you've taken a photo of lately?
Fred Gall naked and Fred Gall eating his own snot.

Do you know I have a photo of you making out with a bust in museum hanging in my living room?
No but I know now. Is it a bootleg? I don't remember giving that to you. I think it might be a fake.

What's your next big project?
Spend as much time with Fred Gall as possible. Start looking for houses in Jersey for me.