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Saturday, November 13, 2010
Photo of the day: Chase Hawk

Chase Hawk hanging out where the air is much thinner at the Mabel Davis skatepark in Austin, Texas.

I don't think anyone can argue another awesome photo of Chase Hawk. Even if he's not doing some big trick, his style and height speaks for itself.

"An 11ft deep concrete bowl isn't something you mess with. Unless you hang out at 8ft above coping like Chase Hawk that is, then your set-up airs are another man's dream blast. If Big Daddy were here, he'd ask "Are we breathing the same air?" In which case the Chase's obvious answer would be, "No, it's much thinner up here." -Justin Kosman

Shot settings:
Camera 5D MKII
Canon 15mm fisheye
f11 at 1/320th ISO 160
Profoto 600r flash