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Monday, November 15, 2010
Metal Mulisha begins production on film

Metal Mulisha's last film was "Metal Mulisha: World Domination," released back in 2004. Six years later, they're back and are about to begin production on their biggest film yet, "Black Friday."

It's been 16-years since Fox Racing created a market for motocross films with "Terrafirma." Since then, hundreds of films -- some good, many bad -- have been made, but the industry never really found its footing like its action sports counterparts, i.e. skateboarding and snowboarding. That didn't stop the production of motocross movies, but over time sales and quality have suffered.

In a market that could be called over-saturated, highly regarded films are few and far between. But the Metal Mulisha, known for their hardcore image and ever-expanding talent pool, plans to change that with their latest project. "Black Friday," as it's titled, begins production tomorrow, Nov. 16.

First look at the "Black Friday"art.

"We've been on hiatus for a while and haven't made a film in a long time, but we finally have time and a big budget, so it's on," says the Mulisha's Ryan Hagy. As for the name, Hagy explains that he wants to release the film next year on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday.

For the first shoot, the entire Mulisha team -- minus Taka Higashino, who's currently on the Crusty Tour in Australia -- will be heading to freeride oasis Cameron, Ariz., followed by Glamis sand dunes, before wrapping up at Ocotillo Wells. Hagy explains, "This first trip is to get everyone motivated and into the project. We've hired cooks, mechanics -- we have five Class A motorhomes -- we really want to give the guys luxury style to where we can encourage them to be more motivated to make movies from now and into the future."

Heading up production and cinematography on the film will be Powerband Films' Jay Schweitzer, with both Brian Deegan and Hagy playing the role of co-producer. "Deegan will be involved when he can and will definitely be coming up with the skits," says Hagy. "We still want it to be a raw Mulisha video, but with higher production value, which Schweitzer will bring."

When asked what the fans can expect from the film once it drops, Hagy simply says, "They can expect a badass film. There's a high budget, we've got helicopters and the whole deal -- I mean, we're going big!" He finishes, "I personally want this film to inspire the industry to recognize videos and athlete video parts more than they have in the past. I think it gives retired athletes, or athletes that aren't recognized well in contests, the opportunity to let folks know that they are well rounded riders and still relevant."

As "Black Friday" continues production, ESPN FMX will provide the latest news, photos and behind the scenes video on what is sure to be 2011's most anticipated freestyle motocross film.