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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Thursday Vidiot: P-Rod to Ploesser

Randy Ploesser catches a nice heelflip on his way to my favorite video part of the week.

Some heavy videos dropped on the Internet this week. From previews, to trip vids to full blown gnar parts, this was not a week to be caught sleeping. First off, Element has announced they've expanded their previously web-only release of the video "Trio" to add footage from new recruit Mark Appleyard, put out a DVD and call it "Quatro."

If you haven't shelled out the $2.99 for Paul Rodriguez's new part available on iTunes yet, you're neglecting to observe some of the most progressive skateboarding out at the moment. More than a few never-been-done tricks in his part.

If you can get beyond the random footage of some girl dying her hair, Bill Strobeck's got a cool clip of Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder ripping spots in New York. Those three share a pension for snapped ollies and good style.

From the Johnny Romano Skate Jam for Make A Wish, Deluxe put together this little edit of dominator, Ishod Wair. I'm calling it right now, real talk: Ishod Wair is one of the most talented (and awesome) dudes on a skateboard this year.

If you read the very candid and super ill interview Josh Kalis has on the Quartersnacks site, you might have caught this little seen video part of Kalis from the Uprise skateshop video that came out a few years back. Raw street skating at its finest.

WeSc and friends took a trip to Portland and have part one of their voyage with Chris Pastras, Tony Manfre, Clint Peterson, Cooper Wilt and Tony Karr in this little feel good clip up now.

French Fred whips up another masterpiece for the boys at Cliché. This time he turns his beatific lens on Charles Collet.

Big popper Luis Tolentino skates stuff that other people can't in this clip from Shut.

Despite the outstanding part that Rodriguez dropped this week (and it really is amazing), my video pick of the week has got to go to The High Five's newest addition, Randy Ploesser. This part is true, creative street skating on cool spots. Ploesser has a great way of approaching skateboarding and this part really stands out to me.