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Monday, November 22, 2010
Updated: November 27, 1:28 PM ET
Forum Youngblood DoubleDog ($400)

Oh look. It's a kitty!

Forum has a history of picking up inspired am riders and putting them on as Youngbloods. The idea seems to have paid off. Cameron Pierce and Austen Sweetin have nabbed Transworld and Snowboarder magazine covers, respectively, and the new Forum release "F It" is chock-a-block full of up and comers. Reflecting the always-hungry ethos of their am team, Forum's Youngblood line is an homage to the freestyle-oriented, progression-fueled kids that lap the park until the lights go off.

Double camber. See? Simple.

Twin-tipped and softer flexing, this spin-to-win deck previously came in two profiles: regular camber and ChillyDog -- Forum's continuous rocker. Now, as a late release for the last quarter of 2010, comes the Youngblood DoubleDog. Picking up where the ChillyDog leaves off, the aptly named DoubleDog packs two camber profiles: camber beneath riders' feet, rocker in between them and at the tip and tail. It's not just another wacky camber profile -- the DoubleDog is paired with a core that's more forgiving beneath the feet, with more spring everywhere else.

The product of this DoubleDog tag team is a performance upgrade to this already strong park powerhouse. Conjuring up a best-of-both-worlds scenario, riders get the response and power of camber where they need it under their feet, while keeping the loose playful feel of rocker. "I really like the response and poppiness of camber boards," says Forum am Alek Oestreng. "This still has a lot of that, but it makes cruising the slush, jibbing and jumping a little more fun and easy-going while providing enough stability to keep my tricks on point."

Check Forum's website to find the Youngblood Doubledog at authorized Forum dealers everywhere.