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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Look Who's Calling Chris Grenier

Just when it looked like snowboarding had all but lost its rebel yell a group of young skate inspired snowboarders hit the scene and began wrecking havoc on all things urban. This handrail-heavy crew, hell bent on good times and doing things their own way, rankled the old guard and proved that the number one rule in snowboarding is there are no rules. Chris Grenier is on the front lines of this revolution. We caught up with him during one of his rare five-minute breaks from being a wild man to ask about his male modeling, golfing, and jumping of million dollar cars.

No, we said he was in the Videograss movie -- with a "g." Listen, just because it's Grenier doesn't mean your brain has to automatically go that direction, okay?

Yo man, what have you been doing this summer?
Oh, man. I went to Hood all summer, then I came back to Salt Lake and I've just been skating and golfing. It just snowed up here so I have been snowboarding the last few days.

Whoa -- you're a golfer?
[Laughs] Dude, I never used to golf, but I ruptured my spleen this year and I was out for like five months and couldn't do any physical activity. I ended up going golfing with Scott Stevens. It's the perfect thing to do where you don't get hurt and you can still have fun.

You strike me as the type that would be taking the governors out of the golf carts and jumping them over the sand traps.
One of our boys works at a golf course and he unhooked the governors one time and we were hauling ass down all the hills.

Do you dress like Bagger Vance when you golf?
No, I just wear a collared shirt and some khakis. Sometimes I wear one of those Sherlock Holmes hats.

Snowboarding feels really over produced and big budget right now. What's your take?
In my opinion, companies like Ashbury and Videograss are saving snowboarding. It's more of a family feeling, and the people running those companies actually care about snowboarding.

You going to hit jumps this year?
I got hurt before I could go hit any jumps last year, so I'm going to hit jumps for sure and ride some halfpipe this year. Nothing gets me more psyched then a good halfpipe shot.

Do you get bummed on energy drink sponsors and big budget contests?
I would like to say I do, but if the amount of money is changing your life then I say go for it. I have never been presented an offer like that, so I'm not going to judge anyone that does or doesn't do that.

What would you do if you had a bunch of money?
Oh man, I think about this all the time! I would buy a hot tub for my house... Well, first I would buy a house. And then I would buy a Lamborghini, and buy my friends whatever they want at the bar.

Art shot.

Would you jump the Lambo or does it strictly stay on the road?
[Laughs] Jump it for sure -- you'd have to beat on that thing!

I saw the LRG catalogue and you're looking pretty male modelish.
[Laughs] I got that Blue Steel. I'm waiting to release Magnum, though. That was crazy -- we got to go to all these crazy places like the San Juan Islands... I was like, f--- it, if I can go on free vacations I'll wear whatever.

I thought it was amazing!
It's pretty funny -- my mom was way more psyched on that then anything I have ever done snowboarding.