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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Updated: December 9, 7:40 AM ET
GM feels Andy Pettitte will return

By Andrew Marchand

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- In New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman's gut, he thinks Andy Pettitte will return to the Bronx.

"If I had to bet at some point, I think he will play," Cashman said.

Pettitte called Cashman on Wednesday. Pettitte didn't say anything definitive on whether he would retire or not, according to Cashman, but Pettitte wanted to make sure that his contemplation wasn't holding up anything Cashman was trying to accomplish.

Cashman has made an offer to free-agent pitcher Cliff Lee. He's had serious talks with Carl Crawford. But Cashman says there is enough money for everyone involved, including Pettitte.

"I never have a problem knocking on Hal [Steinbrenner]'s door and asking for money," Cashman said. "I have a problem sometimes with Hal saying, 'Yes.' I know my title is general manager, but I consider myself the director of spending of the New York Yankees. I don't make it, I spend it."

Cashman's reasoning for why he would bet on Pettitte to return is based mainly on the fact that it is what Pettitte always does. He contemplates retirement and then he ends up playing.

"He wants us to get Cliff Lee," Cashman said. "He is still going though the personal decision-making. He is not retired. He has not made a decision to retire. He has gone into the process thinking this might be the winter that he might. He just doesn't want to hold us up."

Still, Pettitte doesn't have a decision yet.

"Andy cares about his family and he cares about the Yankees and I think he cares about himself third, if he had to rank them," Cashman said. "He is still trying to decide what he wants to do. If there is anything he wants to be it is a Yankee."

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