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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Updated: December 10, 6:15 PM ET
Damo chases the Fox

According to the FoxHead Surf site, Damien Hobgood is now riding for Fox.

In a Fox surf blog post dated December 8th, Fox announced that team rider Damien Hobgood was ready for the start of the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

Damien Hobgood in his Fox hole.

The first line read,"Fox surfers Ian Walsh, Bede Durbidge, and newly signed Damien Hobgood are ready to go in the ASP/WCT Pipe Masters."

Damien and his brother, CJ Hobgood, have both ridden for Globe since 2000. In 2005, they signed head-to-toe exclusive with Globe. Damien also sent out a tweet on Wednesday that said, "Feeling honored and blessed to be part of @Foxhead team."

Hobgood confirmed today, saying, "Yes, I am riding for Fox and am so stoked. I also was able to keep Globe shoes, so this was a win/win for all parties."

Fox, is of course, the Southern California-based motocross company founded in 1974 that has expanded in recent years into the mountain bike, wakeboard, and surf markets. The global team already boasts Durbidge, Walsh, and Eric Geiselman. Fox also runs a popular mini moto/surfing crossover event in Hawaii.

Damien will face Jeremy Flores in Round 3 when the Billabong Pipeline Masters resumes. CJ Hobgood will continue to ride for Globe Shoes, as well. Now word yet if Damien will be getting muddy at the Kohuku Moto Track.