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Monday, December 13, 2010
Updated: January 25, 10:55 AM ET
Nothing wrong with Tashard Choice's move for autograph

Attention all Cowboys fans: You certainly have a right to be upset after last night's crushing 30-27 loss to the Eagles. Despite awesome line play and a turnover-inducing defense, you were still out-Vicked and out-DeSeaned. As sad as it is, taking it out on Tashard Choice and his impromptu autograph session with Michael Vick is asinine.

Choice actually apologized to fans via Twitter following the controversial event, but he shouldn't have had to. All Choice did during the postgame player schmooze session was simply take advantage of his situation. Sure, he could have sent a ball boy or equipment manager to the visitor's locker room, or even loitered around the Eagles team bus an hour after the game, but he was presented with a direct opportunity and took it. Despite the notion that NFL players are one big fraternity, I'm pretty sure Choice and Vick don't have the same agent and aren't finding themselves on the same VIP lists. And quite frankly, the autograph being for his two-year-old, Vick-loving, nephew is really sweet.

Players asking for other players autographs is not tacky; it's actually commonplace. So said ESPN's Amy K. Nelson on Twitter last night when she explained that it happens often in baseball, although privately and generally via equipment people. Yankees centerfielder Curtis Granderson jumped in, defending Choice by pointing out that baseball players have three days to get the Hancocking done. Choice clearly did not. Not his fault the cameras were rolling.

So Cowboy fans, you should really leave Choice alone and shift your focus to bigger issues -- like stopping the big plays that burn you every week.

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