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Friday, December 17, 2010
Updated: December 18, 11:20 AM ET
Dustin Dollin on his hijinx video hobby

Nieratko and Dollin stare 'em down at the House of Vans opening a while back.

Not sure if you knew this but Baker, Volcom and Vans pro Dustin Dollin has had more knee surgeries than nearly anyone in skating: six in all. During his last stretch of recovery Dollin got so bored that he started editing together random footage he'd filmed over the years. The results are brilliant. They give an insight into a life well lived by one of the world's favorite skateboarders. Sometimes it would be alternate angles of skate tricks, lots of slams, often partying and tons of Dustin interacting with the wacky world in which he lives. I caught up with him via Skype while he was at his mom's house back in Australia to find out if there was a method to his madness. What got you started on editing these "7-Day Weekends?"
Dollin: Well the last time I hurt my knee I was stressed out and I had been gathering up footage for a couple years of random stuff at that point. It was just my way to vent my creative outlet of my life experiences that aren't going to go into a skate video. It's just the fun stuff.

Are you addicted to doing them now?
Not really. I just do them when I got time, when I'm able enough in my mind to actually sit down and bother to edit them. Well, I don't really edit them I just chop them up. It's just a nightmare compressing them.

This week you posted your "Apocalypse Now," with a grand opus 25-minute long "7 Day Weekend."
Yeah, they just upgraded my YouTube channel so I can put up 30 minutes at a time now. It is going to make it a hell of a lot easier to get them out now because I don't have to chop every 10 minutes.

Are you hoping to get a television show out of this?
Absolutely not.

No "Life of Dustin?"
No, that's my last ambition. I just want to keep it for those that actually care; they just have to find it on their own.

Do you have schedules and timelines for these masterpieces?
Ha! I basically import everything into the computer that I film whenever I can be bothered and then I put them on a timeline. I still have three hours of footage that I'm sitting on right now; it's the most random stuff. Kids write comments on the YouTube page like, "We want to see more skating!" It's not a channel about skating. They can go on Fuel TV for that.

Go to Dustin's YouTube page to watch all his episodes.