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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Updated: December 22, 11:20 AM ET
Look Who's Calling Johnny Lazz

Johnny Lazz is a hell child -- a snowboard punk to the core, reminiscent of a day when skiers hated us and we fired back by spraying them with warm slush and insults. He's been backing up his actions with contest wins, claiming third at this summer's Hot Dawgs & Handrails comp and winning Best Trick at the Downtown Throwdown. We called Lazz in the middle of a trip he's on filming for the new Rome video to talk about Alaska, cooking for babes, and maturity.

And then his sister hit it switch...

What's going on my man?
Just walked into a Double Tree Hotel, about to get a hotel room. It's dumping out. I'm in Syracuse New York with LNP.

You were telling me recently that you've matured, but when I saw you at the Downtown Throwdown you were really hyper.
I was just excited to be there, and to see a bunch of my friends. I really do get nervous at snowboard contest sometimes.

You were trying to find some local ladies to hang out with after the contest, if I recall. Did you succeed?
[Laughs] Yeah, it worked out pretty well I'd have to say. We definitely pulled through with some game.

How's filming treating you?
It's good. We just wrapped up a seven-day trip in Minnesota. I flew from Minnesota to Vermont met up with John the Rome filmer and drove up to New York. We are going to hit some street rails and some cool urban features tomorrow.

What does the rest of the winter look like for you?
Just going to be chasing the snow filming for this Rome video, and when I'm not doing that I'm going to be working on the new 32 Am video. Watch out for Dylan Alito -- he's the man!

I just saw a video of Forest Bailey paying some illegal immigrants to hold the Banshee Bungee for him. Are you down for the bungee?
[Laughs] Yeah, I'm down for that. Go Obama!

You want free health care?
Oh yeah, I want free health care. I didn't have health insurance all summer up at Hood and I was lucky enough not to get hurt, but I just got back on my Mom's healthcare because of Obama. He's the man.

You've done pretty well at contests lately -- have you bought anything with that money?
I got that house with Dylan. I'm super stoked to have my own house and do whatever I want, whenever I want. We have girls over and we cook up bomb food. It's pretty fun.

Mark Sullivan is at Rome now and he does Tailgate Alaska. Are we going to see you up there with your sister?
If Mark wants to bring me up there I would love to go. I don't know what my sister's plans are, but it would be pretty cool to make a brother/sister trip up there.

The Lazzareschi's go to Alaska. Sounds like a sitcom.
Yeah, call MTV! Just kidding.