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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
One In A Million's Tom Karangelov checks in

Tom handles a serious bluntslide somewhere in sunny Southern California.

Tom Karangelov won last year's Slap One In A Million contest. That contest invites anyone to send in footage for a chance to get picked for a trip to San Francisco, participation in a web series with lots of attention given to it and a shot at winning a year's worth of product and the potential for sponsorship. Previous OIAM winner, Jake Donnelly rode his way right on to a spot on Real skateboards, Quiksilver and Adidas after winning OIAM. For Karangelov, in the year since his win, he's been getting a solid flow ride from Zero skateboards and coming through with more coverage on the web and in the magazines. We caught up with Karangelov to find out how things are going and what he thinks of the crop of skaters currently competing for this year's OIAM prize.

What have you been up too since winning One In A Million last year?
Recently, I moved from a one bedroom into a two-bedroom apartment. I've been trying to put up shelves but it's hard to make them level. Finally, now that I have my own room so my roommate Aaron doesn't want to kill me anymore for setting 10 different alarms every single morning. I'm still going to school and working. I've also been going on trips and filming for the next Zero video and for an online part for Ambiguous clothing in HD.

What has changed since last year?
Last year my parents got into some financial troubles like so many other people these days. We lost our house so my family had to split up. I stayed in Huntington Beach and my parents stayed in a few different places. It was hard on me and affected my life pretty significantly. I knew if I stayed positive my parents would eventually be happy again and get their security back. They're finally starting to get back on their feet. My parents have been really supportive throughout the whole ordeal and I know they'll be pressure free soon. They are seriously the best.

Walking his dog and living the good life, Tom Karangelov is still one in a million.

How has traveling with the Zero team been?
It's been awesome and eye opening. I feel like we're a group of close friends just traveling and having a lot of fun. Everyone is so different. They have their own lives, stories, and views. You learn about a lot of different things so quickly from being around everyone day after day.

Who is your best homie on trips?
They are all the homies! But I would have to say Dane Burman. He says and does whatever is on his mind. It's fun to watch it all unfold. He's also motivating to skate with.

Did you know any of the Zero crew before you toured with them?
Not really. I met Garrett Hill during One In A Million and about two years ago while skating Costa Mesa skatepark, I met Ben Gilley around the time he was injured and living in Costa Mesa. He was really cool and we would skate together whenever he was there. Ben's one of the nicest people. Unfortunately Ben and Garrett weren't on the Vegas trip so I didn't know anyone on the team. But since the East Coast tour and skating with the team I've almost met everyone.

Are you filming a part for the next Zero video?
Yeah. I've been trying really hard to get as much stuff that I'm happy with while balancing work and school. It's hard but so much fun.

What's one thing that sticks out in your mind from last year's One in a Million contest?
In one week I met a lot of great people that I know I am going to be friends with for a very long time.

You are one of the most positive and polite kids I have ever met. Can you get me a few more of you on some of my teams?
Is there a job opening for Assistant to the Overlord?

Tom takes the tough route with this bump to nosegrind.

Maybe, who would be your first picks be?
Well I've heard Jimmy Carlin and Chad Tim Tim don't have shoe sponsors. I would pick them.

Good answer, you might just get a job, I just put Tim Tim on Dekline today.
Oh what? That's sick!

Have you been following this years One In A Million contest?
Yeah I have. They did a really good job with the videos. Everyone is killing it!

What advice would you give the One In A Million competitors?
Be yourself and have fun.

Who is your pick to win One In A Million this year?
I can't decide between Matty Hunt, John Fitzgerald and Chris "Mango" Millic. All three should win.

Did you get all of your gear at once or has it been coming in every month?
No. I didn't get everything at once. I get stuff when I need it. After the contest I chose to get stuff from Zero and Spitfire. They were only willing to help me out if I really wanted to do it and was serious about it. I've always liked Zero and Spitfire so it felt right. The other companies were really helpful too but it just didn't feel right but I am thankful for them wanting to help me out and supporting Slap's One In A Million.

Thank yous?
Jamie Thomas, Chris "Bama" Bodiford, Ian Berry, Darin Howard, Brian Young, Brian Hansen, Mark Whitely, Ed Templeton, Cristina Ledesma, all my friends and family, and of course you, Sinclair! Thanks!

This is one of those spots that look amazing but are, in reality, exceedingly hard to skate. Tom handles a gap to frontside tailslide gap out.