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Monday, December 27, 2010
Metal Mulisha's "Black Friday" gallery/teaser

Tag along with the Metal Mulisha on their "Black Friday" road trip. Launch gallery»

On November 16th, we announced that Metal Mulisha had begun production on their new big-budget film titled "Black Friday." Produced and filmed by moto-flick master Jay Schweitzer, "Black Friday" will be an all-Mulisha masterpiece that is set to drop in November of 2011 -- the day after Thanksgiving (also known as Black Friday) to be exact.

For the first shoot, the boys bolted off to do some freeriding in Cameron, Ariz., followed by Glamis sand dunes, and then finished up at Ocotillo Wells. Before the trip, Metal Mulisha's Marketing Director Ryan Hagy told ESPN, "This first trip is to get everyone motivated and into the project. We've hired cooks, mechanics -- we have five Class A motorhomes -- we really want to give the guys luxury style to where we can encourage them to be more motivated to make movies from now and into the future."

With a high profile production of this nature, it's always key to keep the footage and photos under wraps so that everything is new to the viewer when they finally get the DVD in their hands, however Hagy was gracious enough to allow us to run a few select shots from the first road trip.

Click here to check out the photo gallery, courtesy of Metal Mulisha and shot by Shane Ruiz.