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Monday, December 27, 2010
Updated: December 28, 8:48 AM ET
Pro skater New Year's resolutions part 2

Corey Duffel's got a resolution to not get sidelined by injury in 2011.

We continue with the New Year's resolutions of your favorite pros in this second installment. This time we've got tow Skater of the Years, some class clowns and some straight up legends.

Chet Childress: To try and just stay alive ...
Corey Duffel: Get myself a badass 1972 Hemi-Cuda like the one in "Phantasm." It would also be great to go a year without being hurt.
Leo Romero: Get married for tax reasons.
Geoff Rowley: Learn frontside inverts and eggplants.
Louie Barletta: My New Years resolution is to only drink out of Styrofoam cups, take up logging, and drive as much as possible to increase global warming. In fact, right now I think I'm going to open the curtains, pull the car up into the driveway, let that v8 idle, blast the heater and watch some National Geographic channel.
Steve Nesser: Start a club in Minneapolis.
Tommy Guererro: To remember to forget.
Ray Barbee: Get a solo album done that I've been claiming I was going to do for the past three years.
Chris Pastras: To clean up my act. It could use a shave.
Anthony Van Engelen: The usual, quit smoking and lay off the Internet porn.