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Thursday, December 30, 2010
Updated: January 1, 2:08 PM ET
No place like home

It's not fun traveling on the holidays when there isn't a massive storm blanketing the country. Add precipitation into the mix, and watch the stranded-airport-traveler fireworks explode. Last week, I saw the other side of the near-constant snow that has been falling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for most of the season. After circling the Jackson airport runway countless times, my plane landed in Montana and Idaho before the engines were finally turned off and the pilot let 180 angry travelers know that we would be making the rest of our journey by bus.

Standing in the baggage claim in an airport two hours away from Jackson, ten hours after we were scheduled to land, a voice on the loudspeaker announced that our busses were "a little delayed," and a chorus of tiny children voices began to cry. And so it was that I made the decision to ditch my luggage, rent the last car available in the lot and drive a rear-wheel Buick through a snowstorm, over two mountain passes overrun by suicidal deer in order to make it to Travis Rice's annual Christmas party before it was over.

Why? Because Rice throws some of the best parties in Jackson Hole, and it was worth risking sliding into a snowbank with an antler jammed through my windshield to try to get to. Don't believe me? Watch the video.